25 years of IT solutions

  • The founders meet and team up

    Future Sagiss founders Karl Springer and Jim Lancaster meet at a software users' group meeting. Jim joins Karl at Dallas CPA firm Middleton, Burns & Davis, PC ("MBD") as the network administrator and an accounting software consultant.


  • Blazing new trails

    Karl guides the firm in using technology to become a paperless office. The firm is completely paperless, including full remote access capabilities, by 2003.


  • The first new employee

    MBD's networking arm hires its first new employee and starts supporting external clients, becoming an early player in Outsourced Network Administration, what we today refer to as managed service providers (MSPs).

    These events set the foundation for what will eventually become Sagiss, LLC.


  • The networking arm splits

    In June 1999, MBD separates the technology arm into a separate entity, MBD Network Services, LLC.


  • Sagiss makes a name for itself

    MBD Network Services, LLC, changes its name to Sagiss, LLC.


  • 25 years of IT solutions

    Sagiss continues to adapt to changes within the MSP space to show clients how technology can become one of their company's greatest assets.

    In 2022, Sagiss is celebrating 25 years of IT solutions.

    2004 — 2022

  • Where do we go from here?

    Technology and cybersecurity have only become hotter topics in the last few years. We expect that trend to continue.

    We're preparing for the challenges ahead so that we can make the next 25 years better than the first. Not just for us, but also for our clients who see us as their trusted technology partners.

    2022 onward