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Software Patches: Click "Yes"

POSTED BY  Jordan Weber on Feb 13, 2018
Feb 13 2018

What is a software patch, and why should I take time out of my busy day to install one?

Software patches are much more than pesky reminders to update and restart your computer. These often-ignored acts of regular PC maintenance frequently mean...

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The Secret Sauce of IT Support: Excellent Network Documentation

POSTED BY  Jordan Weber on Feb 06, 2018
Feb 06 2018

Let’s start off by acknowledging that network documentation is not the sexiest thing to blog about. Creating good documentation can be time-consuming, tedious, and thankless work that often goes unnoticed. And that’s exactly why we need to talk...

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IT Asset Tracking: Do You Know Where Your Computers Are?

POSTED BY  Jordan Weber on Jan 23, 2018
Jan 23 2018


Look around your office, and take a moment to add up all of the computers, printers, servers and other hardware that keep your business operation moving. Right now, how do you manage the lifecycles of all of that hardware? How about that...

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