Frequently Asked Questions

Over the last 25 years, most of our clients and have prospective clients have had questions about standard service and billing items specific to them and their needs.

But there are several other (less obvious but more general) questions businesses should ask when selecting a managed service provider.

We have provided those questions and answers below.

When was Sagiss founded?

Sagiss was founded in 1997 by Karl Springer and Jim Lancaster.

What is Sagiss's company ownership and structure?

Sagiss is a Texas LLC owned and operated by co-founder Karl Springer and Travis Springer.

How many employees does Sagiss have?

Sagiss currently has around 30 employees.

How does Sagiss use full-time vs. contract employees?

All of Sagiss's employees are employed full time and work out of our office in Las Colinas. And all of our employees must pass background checks.

We do not employ any contract or offshore labor.

What certifications and training does Sagiss have and use?

Sagiss holds several Microsoft Gold partnerships. We are also a direct cloud solution provider (CSP) with Microsoft. This means we work directly with Microsoft, not a distributor. Additional, we have a Premier Support Agreement that guarantees support and escalation from Microsoft for both our Sagiss and our clients.

Sagiss employees undergo continuous training on the latest tools and technologies. They hold a variety of certifications including Microsoft and all toolsets.

Has Sagiss been part of any mergers and acquisitions?

Sagiss has never been involved in a merger or acquisition.

What is Sagiss's operational capacity?

Sagiss has over 60 clients ranging from 5 to 300 employees. We have over 100 locations nationwide for our clients. Depending on the size and needs of our clients, Sagiss provides fully managed services or co-managed services, working with an internal IT team.

How are contracts structured?

Our contracts have an initial term of 12 months, after which they become month to month.

Sagiss uses a hybrid pricing model. This  means we charge a fixed fee for our proactive services and bill hourly for reactive services.

Many other providers use an "all you can eat" model that is billed by the user or device.

It is important to note there is no true "all you can eat" pricing. Hardware, software licensing, and project work are rarely covered. Depending on the provider, things like new workstation configurations, user on/off-boardings, and application updates may not be covered.

We believe our hybrid model appropriately balances costs and the service requirements of our clients.

How does the on-boarding process work?

Sagiss charges a one-time fee to on-board a new client equal to one month's services. The on-boarding process includes deployment of all Sagiss tools as well as on-site documentation of the network, applications, and any relevant processes.

What insurance and liability protection does Sagiss carry?

Sagiss's limitation of liability is covered by a $1,000,000 errors and omissions policy.

It is not limited to any multiple of monthly fees.

How can I learn more about Sagiss's internal controls and processes?

Sagiss maintains current MSP Cloud Verify and SOC II Type 2 reports on our managed service operations. These reports are performed by third parties and are available by request.

Can I visit the office?

Sagiss encourages both current and prospective clients to visit our office.