We visited PharmChem VP Controller Shana Veale to talk about their unique product, working style, and IT needs for a company that hosts employees in multiple states.


As a health care provider, patient care is your top priority. But along with a busy practice comes the challenge of running an office. The business of health care requires a reliable, efficient IT network and rigorous security protocols to protect patient data. At Sagiss, we’re dedicated to helping health care organizations stay focused on their patients by easing the burden of IT management.



Unfortunately, health care data is a prime target for cyber criminals. Stolen medical records can be worth from 10 to 100 times more than stolen financial records when sold on the dark web. At Sagiss, we understand that patient data is highly prized by hackers, so we deploy multi-layered managed cybersecurity solutions. Through strategic planning, continuous monitoring, and rapid threat response, we build a wall of protection to give health care providers peace of mind that their patient’s sensitive information is always safe. We can even provide training for employees to educate them on avoiding common cyberthreats such as malware, ransomware and phishing emails.

Backup & Disaster Recovery

In addition to protecting patient data through cybersecurity, Sagiss creates comprehensive data backup and disaster recovery plans. We design and implement solutions to cost-effectively store and safeguard patient files and ensure health care organizations can stay up and running if the unexpected occurs. 

From helping deploy HIPAA-compliant software and cloud solutions to acting as a local virtual CIO, Sagiss is uniquely equipped to serve as a trusted IT partner for health care providers. We will work with you to:

  • Protect patient data
  • Meet and exceed HIPAA and other compliance requirements
  • Securely back up and store patient records
  • Create robust disaster recovery plans
  • Act as your day-to-day tech support and long-term strategic IT advisor

Ready to get started?

Health care organizations across North Texas and beyond are benefiting from Sagiss’ team of IT professionals. We’re even working with some of our clients to incorporate telemedicine into their practices. We have the knowledge and experience to help you keep your commitment to quality patient care.

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April Gillam - Urgent Care for Kids

“We’ve struggled with past IT vendors who did not take the time to understand our needs and continually took shortcuts, which led to disastrous IT infrastructure. Finding Sagiss was a game-changer. They found what made our business tick and have spent three years with us, growing and developing better systems. Our team all across Texas feels like they have personal relationships with many of the techs. You have each gone above and beyond, and you ensure that Sagiss is an extraordinary IT company.”

- April Gillam - Chief Operating Officer, Urgent Care for Kids
Kate Sheffield

“Sagiss is an organization beyond compare. In almost 4 years of working with them, they have never failed to solve a problem and with the calm sense of urgency any executive appreciates. Moreover, not one member of my staff has encountered even an ounce of typical IT-ennui shown by so many in the field. They are kind and patient – even with the most mundane of issues. I am solicited by IT firms on a weekly basis, often more than twice a week, and whereas I used to say “Check in with me in a year,” I now reply, “All the best, but don’t bother. We love our IT firm and will never change.”

- Kate Sheffield - Chief Operating Officer, VMG Health