Do you know of a business that needs top-notch IT support?


Of course you do! Put us in touch with potential clients and you'll earn cash. That's right! Check out the offer on the right, and complete the form below to refer potential clients to Sagiss. 

Can I email my referral instead of using the form below?

Of course! You may send referrals to either Misty Norton or Jordan Weber. 

Misty -

Jordan -

I can't accept gifts in my current role. How am I rewarded?

That's ok! We underdtand that often times individuals aren't in a position to accept a financial reward due to an obligation to their employer. 

What if my referral results in a meeting?

If your referral results in a face to face meeting with the prospective client, we'll reward you with a $50 gift card.

What if my referral becomes a Sagiss client?

That would be great! If your referral results in contracted business for Sagiss, we'll reward you with an additional $500!

If I submit a successful referral, when should I expect my reward?

Rewards will be made available within 4-6 weeks of the completed meeting or signed contract.