10 More Microsoft Teams Tips for 2019

Posted by Rob Schnetzer on Thu, Dec, 05, 2019 @ 15:12 PM

***Note*** This article is part of a series of tips and news updates regarding Microsoft Teams. Links to related Teams articles are here below:


Tips for Teams Channels


Pin a Channel to the Top

Pinning TipV2.mp4-1

In the past you could pin chat's to the top for quick reference, now you can pin an entire channel in the same way. Go to Teams and right click on the Channel you'd like to pin and select the Pin option. You can also Unpin a channel the same way.


Channel Choices: Standard or PrivatePrivate Channel Tip V2.mp4

If you have a conversation that is need to know, use a private channel to keep it on the down low. Any Team owner or member can create a private channel and add members. With default permissions guests don't have access to this. Go to the Three Dots to the right of the Teams you'd like to create a private channel in and left click them. Create a New Channel and toggle the Standard option to Private. Then invite the members you'd like to join that channel. 


Multiple Channels One MessageMultiChannelMSGV2.mp4

Interested in sending the same message on several different channels? Here's how, go to Channel, select Format under the box where you type your message and select Post In Multiple Channels from the menu at the top of the window.


Tips for Teams Video


Pin Video Streams During a MeetingPin VideoV2.mp4-1

If you need to focus on a particular video you can right click and select Pin. No matter who is talking at the time the pinned video will remain up, and if you click out of the meeting and back into it, it'll still be right where you left it. You can also right click again and select Unpin.

Video Calling on Chrome and Edge Chromium

VideoCall with ChromeSafari V2.mp4

If you use the web version of Teams, you can now make and receive video calls from Chrome and Edge Chromium, just select the Camera icon on the top right of the individual or group chat and you'll join right in.

Join a Meeting in IE, Safari and Firefox

Join a meeting in ChromeV2.mp4-1

If you use Internet Explorer 11, Safari, or Firefox you can join and participate in it. Audio is provided by Audio Conferencing, so the organizer will need the proper license.


Tips for Teams Meetings


Miss a Meeting Call? Get a Message

(We don't have a Gif for this one)

Have you ever been so busy that you've missed a meeting invite? Now if someone tries to add you during a meeting you'll get a notification in your activity feed, and if the meeting is still in progress you can join it immediately. 

Meet Now, No Invite Required


Want to get right to the meeting with no wait? You can now go straight into a meeting, just go to the Calendar on the left side of teams and select Meet Now in the top right corner, then add the participants.

Microsoft Whiteboard Joins Teams

WhiteBoard v2.mp4

Sometimes explanation requires more than just words, Teams now integrates Whiteboard and here's how to use it.

After joining a Teams meeting click the Share icon in the share tray of the meeting in the Whiteboard Selection select Microsoft Whiteboard.


Tips for Teams Calls


Get your Teams Calls on Multiple Devices


When you step away from your desk you don't want to miss an important call, you can now set up a secondary ringer for a headset or bluetooth device to alert you to a call even when you're not at your desk.
Here's how, Go to your profile picture, and left click it. Select Settings, Devices and Secondary Ringer. Then select a device in the drop down menu.