A Guide to Office Tech from CES 2019

Posted by Rob Schnetzer on Wed, Feb, 06, 2019 @ 12:02 PM

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Adero Intelligent Organization System

LAdero Smart Tagose your keys regularly? Misplace your work bag often?

Similar to Tile, Adero’s system takes it a step further with different sensors and priorities. In addition to a main sensor that knows when each "taglet" is in the bag or purse, Adero's system has an app that locates each item individually. 

PhoneSoap 3 UV Sanitizer

A Time article writes that your cellphone is 10x dirtier than a toilet seat. If that's gross to you, PhoneSoap as a solution.PhoneSoap 3

PhoneSoap 3 uses UV rays inside an enclosed case to shower your phone in sanitizing light. According to the website it cleans 99.9% of germs without any chemicals or heat and you can use it while your phone charges. It has two built in USB ports on the outside of the case and has integrated cutouts for your device that allow the cord to pass through unfettered. It’s a very neat piece of tech that will hopefully leave you in better health.

ChargeWorx LED lamp w/ wireless charging

ChargeWorx LED Lamp If you’re not interested in a wireless charging kit because it clutters up your desk and hate charge cords too, ChargeWorx has a new LED Lamp that has wireless charging built into the base. This lamp gives you the ability to clean things up on your desk and illuminate your work space. The lamp itself is dimmable. The base of the lamp has touch sensitive buttons it helps you navigate a podcast or Spotify while you work. 

Samsung Portable SSD T5

Samsung has set its newest portable SSD apart from the pack.  The physical size is nearly perfect, it’ll almost fit Samsung Portable SSDin the palm of your hand at 2.3 x 0.4 x 3 inches. At 2 terabytes for the largest model it has more than enough space for everything you need.  The USB-C 3.1 connector clocks transfer speeds of up to 540 MB/s a second. According to Samsung that’s almost 5 times faster than a normal hard disk drive. 


Flexispot Bike Desk

FlexiSpotBikeDeskFeel like biking today but you’ve got to work? No, it’s not the Hotter than Hell Hundred but it’s the next best thing. Flexispot has designed a new type of desk to feed your biking habit. Or maybe just to knock off a few pounds. This won an innovation award in 2018 at CES and this year its back again. The Flexispot can be used as a standing desk or bike. It has a movable workspace and seat along with rollers on the bottom so when your done you can push it back into a corner.

Loctek Sit-Stand Desk Converter

Loctek Standing DeskStanding desks are prohibitively expensive. If you’re not interested in ponying up the moolah for an entire desk just get a converter. Locteks range in size from 30 inches to 48 inches wide. They build these with adjustable ergonomic keyboard trays and several USB ports as well as a document or laptop holder.

Scoocase electric suitcase

Scoocase PanelAccording to the website, this is a suitcase that turns into an electric scooter for riding around airports at the press of a button. Small enough to fit into an overhead compartment. The Soocase is made out of carbon fiber and has laptop storage. With an Scoocase frontapp and phone mount you can check, among other things battery life, how far you’ve traveled and speed.

This is not by far everything that debuted at CES 2019, but it's some of our favorite tech that was introduced this year.


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