Infographic - Azure Cloud Security Features

Posted by Jordan Weber on Wed, Sep, 27, 2017 @ 15:09 PM

Microsoft is making some serious waves with Azure, its signature cloud infrastructure platform. 

Azure has turned into a productivity powerhouse, complete with incredible scalability and enterprise-grade cybersecurity. Over 90% of the Fortune 500 already rely on Azure for some level of cloud computing. That being said, the ones who stand to benefit the most from cloud computing platforms like Azure are small & medium sized businesses. Why? For the first time, small businesses can take advantage of complex, powerful and secure computing resources, once the exclusive domain of much larger and well-established organizations. No longer must a business lay out massive capital expenditures to access large-scale computing and storage power. Instead, Azure clients pay for what they use, when they use it. 

Nevertheless, concerns still linger among business-owners that the cybersecurity risks of using a public cloud like Azure simply outweigh the benefits. Respondents polled for Microsoft's 2016 Cloud Transformation Survey cited "privacy”, “security”, and “control over data location" as the top three reasons their organizations have not yet adopted cloud services. To this end, Azure was designed with security in mind as a key requirement, not as an afterthought added on at the end. This approach ensures that Azure’s security functionality is efficient, effective and user friendly. Furthermore, in 2016 alone, Microsoft invested $1 billion into global cybersecurity initiatives, with plans to continue this commitment in 2018.

Microsoft recognizes that businesses are only willing to adopt cloud computing solutions if they are absolutely confident in the provider’s ability to provide strong security measures that safeguard customer applications and data. For a clearer picture of the specific actions Microsoft has taken to promote security within Azure, read through the infographic below. Comment, and tell us about your experiences using cloud services using the comment box below this article.  

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Azure CyberSecurity Infographic

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