Baseball, Clients and Priceless Moments

Posted by Sagiss LLC on Thu, Oct, 13, 2016 @ 11:10 AM

Tommy Yates, of Glasshouse Products, recently took his family to a Texas Rangers game using our Sagiss tickets. It turned out to be a special night and we couldn’t help but share it:

Mr. Hudgins,

Words can’t describe how grateful I am for the tickets for the Texas Rangers game this last Saturday evening. I, my wife, daughter and 8-year-old grandson went to the game. First of all, the seats were fantastic. Such a great place to watch the game. The people around us were awesome. We got to the game early so we could of course get the Colby Lewis bobble heads. Ended up eating on a picnic bench outside near the parking lot which was really fun and relaxing. Got into the stadium and had some fun walking around and got to our seats right as the game was starting. It was a really fun game and the 42,000 fans on hand were having a good time.


Then I must tell you about a lifetime memory that happened. My 8-year-old grandson plays catcher for his team and his favorite ball player is Bobby Wilson who has spent time the last couple of years with Texas, but was let go recently when they signed Jonathan Lucroy. He now plays with the Tampa Bay Rays so it was a real surprise when we found out he was starting against the Rangers.

In the 7th inning Bobby was at bat. I always have a glove and always have told Garrett to have his glove ready and be on guard for any foul ball. Bobby fouled one off and I could tell it was headed our way. It came back so fast that I didn’t have time to even move but all of a sudden the ball came into our area, I looked over and all of a sudden the crowd went berserk. My 8-year-old grandson had caught that foul ball that went through a few hands of guys right in front of him.

My grandson looked at my daughter and said, “Mommy I caught it!” He got such an ovation and for the rest of the game people were coming from all over to high five and congratulate him, even Rangers staffers. It ended up being a fantastic memory for all of my family to remember from now on. I took pictures of him with his ball in his glove and posted it to Facebook.

Thanks again for the opportunity to not only have a blast at the game but to give us this fantastic memory we will never forget.

Tommy Yates

Tommy’s grandson catches foul ball hit by Tampa Bay Rays’ Catcher Bobby Wilson on Oct. 1, 2016. Photo courtesy: Tommy Yates.