Using the HP EliteBook for Business: Tips, Tricks and Applications

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How to Use the HP EliteBook for Business

Business class convertible notebooks became available in the spring and our HP representative provided us an HP EliteBook Revolve 810 for a 60 day test drive. We decided to uninstalled Windows 7 and install Windows 8 to take full advantage of the touch screen. After using it for a week, we were hooked.

The first comment we usually hear is how much people “hate” Windows 8. Why do people “hate” Windows 8? First, no Start button. That’s an easy one to solve with a third party Start menu application. Google “Start button for Windows 8” and pick one.

The second reason they “hate” Windows 8 is a lack of training on the touch screen.  Just Google “How to use Windows 8” and watch one of the many videos available. Most of them are under 5 minutes.  Once you watch the video, use the machine for a couple of days and then go back and watch another short video to fill in the blanks.

I also added “God Mode” to the desktop. Google “Windows 8 God Mode” and you will find the instructions for creating the God Mode icon. Simply create a new folder on the desktop and replace the temporary name “New Folder” with this string of text:


When you double click on the folder you will see a very long list of control panel settings and configuration wizards. This icon is very helpful if you want to get to configuration settings quickly.

The HP EliteBook Revolve 810 weighs in at 3.2 pounds and slips right into my leather brief.  No more carrying a second bag for the laptop.

Some of us also carry a second monitor in a carry-on bag when we travel. Among our top preferences is the Field Monitor Pro from Mobile Monitor Technologies ( The Field Monitor Pro has a 10-key, but they also sell the Monitor2Go that does not have a 10 key. This two monitor setup in a hotel room allows us to get a lot of work done on the road if neccesary. Mobile Monitor Technologies' website indicates that up to six monitors can be used together. While we have not tried that one yet, if you have an application where six monitors are necessary, there is a solution.

The docking station for the EliteBook is very compact and easy to use. We attached three 21” monitors to the docking station for use in the office.  Upon arriving at the office, you simply dock the EliteBook, turn it on, and within 15 seconds, you're ready to log in.

This is our third EliteBook in the last two months and there is a reason for that. We often leave EliteBooks with clients to demo, and they never return. They just want to buy the Elitebooks that we leave with them.

The last one we purchased included Bluetooth. We also purchased a Bluetooth Microsoft Sculpt Comfort Mouse to try some of the Windows 8 mouse features. The Sculpt has a blue button on the side called a Windows Touch Tab, and it can be pushed or swiped up/down. A swipe up switches between recent apps.  A swipe down browses the open apps.  A click switches between the current app and the Start screen.

The EliteBook can be purchased with an i3, i5, or i7 processor. All of our purchases so far have been of the i3 variety, and we have seen plenty of power from these models.  The battery is advertised to have an 8 hour charge.  That is more than enough power for a flight and several meetings. We recently used the EliteBook in a day long meeting and still had more than 40% battery at the end of the day. Although not used continuously, our EliteBook did get constant use throughout the day.

If you would like to try out and demo an EliteBook, contact your account manager or you current IT provider. If you are a current Sagiss client you can schedule time to demo the machine as well. We can also bring the Montior2Go second display so you can see how easy it is to add a portable second monitor. By the way, I have a second EliteBook so I won’t be leaving mine behind!  


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