Carpe that Diem With the Briefing Email from O365

Posted by Jordan Weber on Mon, Jun, 22, 2020 @ 08:06 AM

The AI-powered feature can gather your flagged emails, meetings, and to-dos into a single daily summary email.

Mornings are about to get a bit easier thanks to a new standard feature coming to Outlook in the coming weeks. The Briefing email, according to Microsoft, “helps you stay in control of your calendar and be intentional about your day”. We’ll explore a bit of how this works and what you’re likely to see in your own Briefing email.

How the Briefing email works

This latest addition to the Outlook platform is powered by Cortana, Microsoft’s personal productivity assistant. The program uses basic AI to sift through your inbox and find actionable tasks relevant to your day. According to Microsoft’s blog, these can include:

  • Outstanding commitments, requests, and follow-ups to and from coworkers that may have fallen through the cracks.
  • Documents related to today’s meetings that you might want to review beforehand.
  • Suggested focus time you can schedule to help get independent work done.

Of course all the productivity reminders in the world are simply noise if we fail to follow through, so this tool is exciting for a few reasons. Email flags are great as long as we remember to go back and address them. Meeting reminders are infinitely more useful when they contain concrete information relevant to meeting itself. A morning reminder of when I have time free that day? Now that’s metal.

How to Receive the Briefing email

This is your favorite step because there’s nothing for the end-user to do. Briefing email is activated by your organization’s IT administrator. When activated, users will receive the email provided 1) they have tasks for Briefing to find and 2) the user has not unsubscribed themselves from the Briefing email. 

Yes, the subscription is based on opt-out rather than opt-in. So come June, a majority of O365 users will begin seeing Briefing hit their inbox each morning, until they decide to opt-out. Yes, unwanted emails are vexing. That said, if you don’t like it you’ll have to click the opt-out at the base of the Briefing email.

Below is a preview of Briefing email that Microsoft shared on their blog last week.

Microsoft Briefing Email preview

When will I see Briefing in my inbox?

Microsoft has already begun rolling out previews of Briefing to network admins around the country. These power users will have the chance to evaluate the tool and see if it's a fit for your organization's particular IT needs. 

If you're interested in receiving Briefing, reach out to your IT department or outsourced support provider and ask them to activate it for your account. 

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