Consumer Electronic Show (CES) 2020

Posted by Rob Schnetzer on Tue, Jan, 07, 2020 @ 11:01 AM

CES 2020 Sneak Peek

The big buzz at CES this year was 5G, but we wanted to share some news of other exciting gadgets you might enjoy. Some of the major announcements deal with what’s next in vehicle automation, fan and brand engagements with E-sports, how drones are making an impact in the oceans, and robots revolutionizing retail sales.

Along with those topics, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality also took a front seat at this year’s expo. Here are some of the products that have caught our eye so far:

CybershoesCybershoes at CES 2020

The company Cybershoes is tackling the question; how do you walk in a virtual environment? The devices look like a set of sandals that you ratchet over your shoes. While sitting down you slide your foot across the ground while navigating the VR environment. The bottom features a roller that tracks the direction and speed of your “footsteps” in the game (think of trackballs in a computer mouse from the 1990s). While primarily for gaming at the moment, the technology may have myriad other applications. Some groups are investigating VR and accessories like this as possible tools to help the handicapped and disabled to more easily interact with their personal electronics.

FlexoundFlexSound Humu

Normally when you think sound, you don’t think about the sensation of touch. Flexound has developed an augmented audio program and Bluetooth speaker that brings touch into audio. They claim you can feel the audio though the medium you have the loudspeaker set into, which ranges from a piece of furniture to a vehicle. Flexound’s primary offering is a rechargeable Bluetooth integrated pillow called the Humu that allows you to hear and feel the sound playing from the device you have it connected to, without being overly intrusive for someone sitting next to you. For CES they are expected to expand on their product line.

Bosch Light Drive Augmented Reality GlassesBosch-Light-Drive Glasses

Set to start rolling out in 2021, it looks like these could be a component of your next set of glasses, not an independent gadget like Google Glass. From the teaser video they seem to operate in much the same way a smart watch does, augmenting your smart phone, not as a replacement for it but by displaying relevant information in front of your eyes much like a fighter jet’s heads up display.

Looking Glass DisplayLooking Glass Holographic Monitor

Looking Glass is working on a way to revolutionize how you look at and interact with pictures. Over the last couple years, they have been perfecting an immersive holographic display which is simply stunning. Imagine actual 3D depth on a flat screen 8K display, with such high resolution that it’s nearly impossible to tell the difference between a picture and real life. Marketed toward the businesses, medical and scientific arenas, the  technology behind this product is incredible. Assuming the cost isn't outrageous, we believe this type of display technology will begin working its way into our everyday electronics in the next few years.


As for the rest of the conference, there will be several 5G devices previewed this year. Among those sure make a splash will be the new phone from One Plus, a Chinese based smartphone manufacturer who brouht us the One Plus 7T and the One Plus 7T McLaren 5G edition that runs on T-Mobile’s 5G network.

There has been a rumor floating around about a new Samsung phone, akin to the Samsung Fold, but taking design inspiration from the new Motorola Razr. It looks to be a horizontal folder instead of a vertical. We hope we’ll get more info during the conference.

As per usual, Apple won't feature an exhibit at CES this year. That said, the gadget juggernaut will participate to a point. 2019 was a turbulent year for technology privacy (to say the least). It seems Apple is seeking to restate its commitment to privacy by participating in a CES roundtable discussion entitled “What Do Consumers Want”. If you’re looking for discussion on the new 5G iPhone, you’ll probably be disappointed so stay tuned for more info on that later on in the year.

AMD, Intel and Nvidia are scheduled to product new offerings this year as well. AMD will debut a new line of graphics processors and Intel will show off their new 10th generation processor design, dubbed Comet Lake. Nvidia will no doubt be expanding their GeForce line of graphics cards, though rumors don’t say exactly what that could be.

Nvidia and AMD have been working on new physics engines for their graphics cards: PhysX 5.0 for Nvidia and FEMFX from AMD. The respective physics engines duplicate the tensile strength of different materials and deform them realistically when they are acted upon in the game world. This lends to better realism while playing and looks really cool in the demonstration videos.

Samsung, Sony and LG will have some predictable showings just like last year such as new appliances and TV technology. 8K TVs should be taking center stage for all the larger television companies. Sony will probably mention the new PlayStation 5, but I doubt we’ll see any large amount of release info until later on in 2020 and we are still waiting to hear if they will be at E3.

Microsoft will probably be discussing their new Neo and Duo devices as well as their Surface laptops. We can’t wait to hear more about the dual screen devices planned for Christmas of this year, especially as more tech companies jump on the dual screen band wagon.

We look forward to seeing what CES 2020 has to offer this year and will keep you in the loop if anything big is announced

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