Sagiss Employee Spotlight: Colin E.

Posted by Rob Schnetzer on Fri, Mar, 06, 2020 @ 13:03 PM

Colin, Service Desk Technician

Colin grew up in Columbia, Missouri smack dab between Kansas City and St. Louis. When he was in third grade he came to Carrolton, Texas and has been here ever since.


In seventh grade Colin took a web development class that was his first big introduction to web design and he cites this as his motivation for getting into the IT field. Along with his classmates, he was tasked with putting together a website for the school.  In some places they call this coercion, but of course in school they refer to it as “training.” Colin never really got into web development after school, but his experience from the class was invaluable, and he says it gave him an understanding of how things work on the internet even to this day.

In high school Colin started learning general computer engineering and took some specialized classes, including programming laser engravers and networking. He turned to band as a hobby and more specifically marching band, where he played the sousaphone which is similar to a tuba but worn around the body instead of carried on the lap. He loved marching band and says that his closest friendships today were forged during his band years.


Colin took Computer Engineering in college from UTA, and researched dozens of projects he’s proud of, but for his final he developed a virtual reality first-person shooting game. One of the big goals was to add to the realism by being able to hold a firearm out in front of the avatar instead of just being a controller. In order to do this, his team not only engineered the code and put the software together, but they also created a physical controller to work with the game. Colin wishes it could have been better, but it passed the class. And we think most would consider it pretty darned impressive for a first try. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering, he counts this as one of his biggest accomplishments.

After college Colin broadened his scopes and found Sagiss, initially drawn by our willingness to train someone who didn’t have a lot of experience in the IT field. Since Colin has come aboard, he has grown his skills and knowledge immensely and become one of our top techs. He cites the biggest challenge of his job is to pick up and start managing networks that someone else has set up. Colin enjoys being able to deconstruct networks and figure out why they are configured the way they are and being able to fix things not “if” they break but “when” they do. He notes, “Sometimes you just have to break something in order to figure out how it works.” Apple Logo

Colin is a major fan of Apple and iOS. He prefers the polished operating systems and hardware they produce over other products on the market (sorry, Microsoft and Android) and loves the styling of their computers and phones. He has a home lab for testing networks and components and spends a lot of time breaking things there so he doesn’t do it at work.

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