Sagiss Employee Spotlight: Steven R.

Posted by Rob Schnetzer on Wed, Feb, 05, 2020 @ 14:02 PM

Employee Spotlight:

Steven R., Administrative DispatchReed,Steven-2

Born in Houston Texas, Steven lived in Sugar Land for several years until his family relocated to Dallas. He’s been local for most of his life, and in the Irving area more specifically. He attended Lamar Middle School and Nimitz High School.

Steven was always interested in computers and says his first major accidental project was a new Mac he owned. 


He decided to see what would happen if he uninstalled system files off his new computer and had to learn the hard way to get the computer operational again. After this incident, he continued to tinker with computers and expand his knowledge as much as he could. 

Steven was very involved in sports through high school. His father coached baseball and football, and Steven played baseball for a decade leading up to high school. He played in the Irving Boys Baseball Association (IBBA) before it changed names.  Shortly after reaching high school, he decided to explore some of their programs oriented around computers.

One of the highlights of his schooling was participating in an early robotics program, and soon after he jumped into an electronics program which taught him the fundamentals of the field. He found a means to an end when he decided to start delving into building computers so he could game. He received most of his technical guidance from a friend’s father who was working for Sagiss at the time.

Steven also discovered that he had a passion for helping others and decided to pursue that by building computers for fellow gamers who weren't able to do so themselves.

After high school, he went to college for a year studying Digital Media Design, but it never lived up to what he thought it would be so he decided to change directions. Still interested in doing something in computers, he moved to Cameron, Texas where he started doing some medical documentation with the U.S. military and soon after he worked in IT support for a local hospital

After he found a lack of viable long-term employment in Cameron, he decided to move back to Irving and was offered an internship with Sagiss. Originally, he started off as a Tier One Tech. Not long after, an Administrative Dispatch role became vacant and he was offered the job. He took up the mantle of dispatch and found a lot of joy in the position. While Steven has been here, he has worn many hats fulfilling his dispatch duties but also bouncing around with whatever needs to be done.

Steven is married and is the proud father of a four-month old. He wears many hats at home as well, and has jumped into his new parenting role with both feet. He still builds computers for himself and others. Steven also has a growing Twitch streaming channel where he likes to broadcast his gaming antics. He goes by TOGgledShot, so go check him out if you get the chance!


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