How do you Check a Laptop Battery?

Posted by Rob Schnetzer on Wed, Sep, 11, 2019 @ 13:09 PM

Hey there, my name is Robert Schnetzer, I am one of the marketing guys here at Sagiss. This week I'm going to talk to you about something that I am sure has passed your mind whenever you pick up a laptop, the battery. One component on laptops that is going to give you issues before anything else would be your battery. Whether you are draining it on a regular basis or leaving it plugged in, how do you check the life of that thing? Were going to talk about that now.

Below is a transcript of the video:

Today were going to talk about the two main computers your probably going to be using in a business aspect, PC and Mac. This is one of the things I think Mac has PC beat hands down, which is checking the life of your battery on a laptop, it's very easy to do on a Mac, not so much on a PC. 

For today's demonstration we will be using a desktop Mac which will be a little different than the Laptop, but how you go about it will basically be the same. 


Checking your Battery on a Mac.

  • Go to your Apple Menu and click on "About This Mac"
  • Click System Report
  • Expand your "Hardware" tab and look for Battery in the left column

This will give you all the information you need to know about your battery.

As we stated earlier, PC is a little more complicated, you do have to run this under and Administrator login, and you have to run the program we will refer to as an administrator. If you don't have access to that login it will not let you run the report.

Checking your Battery On a PC.

  • Go to your "Windows" button and click on your search bar.
  • Type PowerShell (Admin) into the search bar and find the program
  • When the dialogue box pulls up type "Powercfg /Batteryreport /Output C:\Battery-Report.html" Please remember to add a space after CFG, Report and Output.
  • Now go to "My Computer" and your C: drive, find the Battery-report.html file and click on it. It may ask you to open it with a web browser, just choose the default browser, or the one you like to use the most. 

What to Look for on the Report.

At the very top of the report it will have your computer name and other info about your computer, and battery.

The most important part to this report will be near the bottom in the battery capacity history section, as a rule your full charge capacity needs to be at least 80% of your design capacity. so if you have a design capacity of 10,000 mWh your full charge capacity needs to be 8,000 mWh or over, anything less than that and the battery life of your laptop will be compromised. However, you really don't need to worry about replacing your battery unless it is beginning to limit your ability to work.

This is a good way to keep an eye on your battery in good health or in bad. You will want to consider running this report once a month or so, and if you have doubts about your battery more often than that.  


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