How To Customize Email Security Training

Posted by Jordan Weber on Thu, Oct, 17, 2019 @ 15:10 PM

According to a recent article phishing awareness training can reduce your organization's susceptibility to attack by up to 75 percent.

Email Security Training (also referred to as Phishing Awareness Training) is fast becoming a standard cybersecurity best practice among businesses worldwide. Unfortunately, the threat of cyberattack to small and mid-size businesses is rising. The web is lousy with swarms of new phishing programs and other nefarious forms of malware. And given the fact that a single click on any one of these could put your IT network at serious risk, awareness training is not just a good idea, it is essential. 

That said, there are many companies that have yet to institute such programs effectively, and for good reason. Historically these platforms have required a lot of manual effort to manage. Today, we're proud to offer our clients a managed, cloud-based security training platform with proven success. 

Today we're taking a moment to show you the ways in which our standard email security training can be customized to fit your unique business needs. Thousands of pre-built phishing email templates are ready for you to browse. You can even use the platform to simulate more advanced threats like voice-phishing or USB-based cyberattacks. The platform also contains advanced reporting features so you can benchmark the progress of each training campaign. 

Do you have questions about managed email security training? Contact us today! 


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