How to Recycle Old Electronics

Thu, Jan, 03, 2019 @ 11:01 AM

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Do you have older technology sitting around the house or workplace being unused, things that might just not fit in anywhere?  After the holidays when newer gadgets are replacing our old devices, what do we do with the junk that just doesn't get used any more?

We answer that question with best practices to safeguard data on your older devices and computers.


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 We’re going to talk to you about tech recycling.

This time of year, it seems like this question always comes up about tech recycling especially with the holidays winding down, I’m sure you’ve gotten some neat toys and probably some older toys you’re interested in getting rid of. What do you do with those toys? We get this question on a pretty regular basis. We’re going to try and answer that for you right now.

Just for a little bit of background there is an article August 2018, last year… now, in It states, “The tech recycling industry by 2025 will be a 1.2-billion-dollar industry.” So a big increase on that and the reason for this is a couple of things, due to government regulation but also due to the larger tech companies wanting to reduce their carbon footprint and reduce greenhouse gases and get a little bit more green in general.

You can help out with that as well, just know there are laws in each and every state and regulations what you can and cannot do with certain pieces of technology. There are some pretty harmful chemicals in some of these techs, stuff that you don’t want to leech into your ground water. Be aware that you probably need to update yourself on what you can throw away and what you shouldn’t throw away. Before you open that trashcan and throw anything away, the number one first thing that we suggest you do? If you have a piece of technology that has data stored on it, there are a couple different ways you can handle that. If it is a non-removable hard drive such as a phone or a tablet. Then do a factory reset on it. Do the best job you can of clearing all the data off it including personal, business or customer data. The best thing to do is use cloud backup.

If you have something that has a removable hard drive take that hard drive out of there after you’ve wiped it clean and destroy the hard drive. Either do it yourself, or have a company like Sagiss do it. This way you absolutely ensure there are critical data breaches or data loss when you take these pieces of technology to whatever center you’re going to to take them to. Also before you do that, make sure you backup all your information. You don’t want to need something on a hard drive after you’ve put a hammer thru it. That not going to make your day. So back that information up either send it to a cloud storage device or go ahead and back it up onto a separate hard drive. That way if you have any information on there you don’t want getting out your covered

Some of the specifics on the disposal of these items are because of the cadmium and chromium that is in pretty much every piece of electronics that’s out there today. That stuff is very very toxic. So just be aware those are just two of and probably more of the elements that need to be disposed of properly.

 Before you dispose of that keep in mind there are a couple extra options that you can open yourself up to. First off there are tech schools out there that like having pieces of technology on hand in order to teach their students in a hands-on manner, to try and get them educated on what they can or can’t fix on a computer. So definitely check with your local schools. Communities also have an e-recycling events check websites for those, you can get into one of those and drop off your old machines there. Nearly all electronics stores do offer free recycling for your pieces of technology. This will vary from place to place to give them a call before you take them an entire load of stuff. Keep in mind that if you walk into a Best Buy or Staples they do have bins you can drop off and go.

If you live in the Dallas area there is a company called Recycle Revolution that’s at 7600 Sovereign Row they are also a drop off point for some of these items.

Whatever you end up doing, make sure you do dispose of that data properly. Like we’ve suggested either putting hammer into it, putting drill bits thru it. Whatever it is you can deform that hard drive as best you can and destroy the platter. You won't have to worry about that popping up in an unexpected place.

We do have a very neat video that we shot some time ago on how we destroy hard drives.

If you want to hit things with a hammer go for it, just watch your thumbs. And go watch that video it’s a neat take on what we do with them.

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