Infographic: The Internet's Password Habits, and Five Best Practices You Can Adopt Right Now!

Wed, Sep, 13, 2017 @ 13:09 PM


The humble password. Often times, the only barrier between your personal data, and the hordes of prying eyes seeking to steal it. Given that, you'd think people put a lot of effort into ensuring their passwords are strong, effective and easy to remember, right? The truth is, while the majority of internet users probably understand the value of a strong password, many of us simply don't bother. But, why?


A variety of reasons, it turns out. Digital Guardian recently surveyed 1,000 internet users to gain some insight into current password habits, how frequently users implement best practices for password hygiene, what methods users rely on to remember the abundance of passwords they manage, and other details that shed some light on the current state of password hygiene. Check out the info graphic below to see what they found!

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Uncovering Password Habits: Are Users’ Password Security Habits Improving? Infographic

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