Keeping Windows 10 Updated

Tue, Mar, 05, 2019 @ 09:03 AM

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Anyone who has used a computer in the past 20 years has seen an update notification for one piece of software or another, and (unfortunately) they probably didn't install it. 

Updating software can be a pain, we know. The pop-up always seems to interrupt something important and often requires the system to restart, causing further frustration and delay, so people tend to avoid the reminders. Unfortunately, this means critical security updates and patches often go uninstalled. Thankfully, you can configure your machine to install Windows 10 updates automatically, as soon as they're released. Furthermore, Microsoft will now provide details of the critical items included with each update. You can also check out Microsoft's complete Windows 10 update FAQ.

How To Enable Windows 10 Automatic Updates:

1. Click the Windows icon(start button) at the bottom left of your screen

2. Click on the gear icon to access Settings

3. In the Windows Settings screen, click "Update & Security"

4. On the left side of the menu, in the gray column, click on "Windows Update"

5. Click "Advanced Options"
***Note***: From this screen you can also access your Windows update history.

6. You'll see three slider boxes underneath Update Options. These are: 

"Give me updates for other Microsoft products when I update Windows"

"Automatically download updates, even over metered connections"

"Show a reminder when we're going to restart"

Make sure all of these are clicked "on"

7. If "Pause Updates" box is "on", turn it "off"

Generally speaking install updates immediately. you should also see an option for scheduling your automatic updates. Often times, we recommend setting them to install when someone isn't likely to be using the machine (i.e. 3:00 am)

This is a "set it and forget it" type of system. Once Windows 10 is configured to self-update, it will continue to do so until the user turns that feature off. 

If you have questions about operating system updates or software patches we're here to help! Please use the form on our contact page to let us know what issue you're having. We'll respond within 24 business hours to help!

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