Microsoft’s Update Overhaul.

Posted by Rob Schnetzer on Mon, May, 06, 2019 @ 11:05 AM

Microsoft Revamps Update Support 

If you’re a Windows user, you’ve come to expect updates from Microsoft on a regular basis. Windows Defender, Microsoft’s antimalware program, updates definitions almost daily. Drivers updates on a regular basis, keeping your hardware working efficiently. “Monthly Cumulative” updates are made on the second Tuesday of every month, also known as “Patch Tuesday. Not to mention “Feature Updates” which happen on a six-month rotation. That’s a ton of updating to manage!

In the past four years Microsoft has tried to simplify their update system in an attempt to get a handle on the unexpected reboots and inform users of the content of each update. Delay Patch Screen

One of the biggest issues in the recent past was the last October update. Microsoft had to pull its update days after the release because of major issues, which then postponed it for another six weeks.  The fallout for Microsoft on its failed launch led to promises of better quality control and changes in how the subsequent updates are rolled out.

Now, in the middle of April, Microsoft has announced some of those changes. No longer will users of Windows 10 be forced to update as soon as the patches are out. Microsoft is now letting you delay those patches for up to 35 days or for up to 18 months,  the full duration of the supported release. When manually checking for updates, Windows will let you know if one is available and give you a separate link to download and install it instead of a surprise reboot, a major sticking point for many trying to keep their system maintained. Microsoft is also working on a monitor referred to as a “Release Health Dashboard” that will offer a near real-time rundown on rollout status and known issues, both open and resolved, for all monthly and feature updates.HELP!!

It seems Microsoft is delivering some of the promises that were instigated by the botched October patch, however in the months before this announcement several articles still note that users are “baffled by updates”.

We hope this is a step in the right direction for Microsoft and update its support.

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