More Windows Tips and Tricks

Posted by Rob Schnetzer on Thu, Oct, 31, 2019 @ 14:10 PM

Here are a few more Windows tips and tricks to help you get a little more out of your system.

More Windows Tips and tricks

Use Microsoft Game Bar for Screen Capture

Did you know that Windows has a built in video capture system baked right into it?

It's great for a lot of reasons and you can pretty much use it for anything you want along these lines. Its pretty easy to get to, just hit your "Windows key" and "G". You'll bring up several panels and among them you'll have a Capture panel. It has some standard controls like "play" and "record." You do need to have whatever program you'd like to capture already running before you've pulled it up. 

If you do need to record your desktop or file manager the program will not let you do that. To get around this just bring up your Windows Sandbox program to create a virtual desktop and record your desktop or file manager from there. 

If you don't know how to activate your Windows Sandbox program just follow our instructions here.

Snip and Sketch

Snip and Sketch has been available for a year now, it was released in October of 2018, but not a lot of people are aware of it. If you've ever needed to take a screenshot, or walk someone through something on your screen Snip and Sketch is the go to program. To get to it you can hit your "Windows Key" "Shift" and "S" to bring up the highlight tool to take the screenshot. You can also bring it up in the search bar by typing "Snip" and running the program that comes up. After you've taken your screen shot it'll be saved to the clipboard which you'll see pop up on the lower right handside. You can double click on it to get into the Sketch portion of the app. Once in Sketch you can draw on or annotate your screenshot. One neat trick, you can bind your Snip function to the "Print Screen" key by going to Settings, and then to Ease of Access, from there go to Keyboard and find the Print Screen shortcut option and turn it on. It'll now bring up the Snip tool everytime you want to take a screenshot.

Tweak Your Mouse

With screen resolution getting bigger and bigger your mouse pointer is getting smaller and smaller. Did you know you can adjust the size of your mouse or even change its color? Heres how:
Go into Settings, and Ease of Access and then Cursor and Pointer. With those settings you can go diminutive to obnoxious and even make it bright green if you want to. 

Secure Your System

With privacy being a bigger and bigger issue these days it's good to take stock of what Windows and your app are getting of your personal data. You can do that in: Settings then go to Privacy. And within the Privacy menu you can find all sorts of limitations you can put on the information that Windows gathers from you. Also under the Apps menu, you can also change what permissions your apps have. The Location, Microphone and Camera options are all under the Apps section. You can also turn off apps that are loaded in the background which can decrease your battery life.

Battery Life 

If battery life is an issue for you, you can also find options to tweak that setting under: Settings and System then to Battery. Under these settings you can change options to increase your laptops battery life for those trips when your away from an outlet.


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