New Microsoft Edge Browser Leaked.

Posted by Rob Schnetzer on Tue, Apr, 02, 2019 @ 14:04 PM

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New Microsoft Browser Leaks Onto the Internet

In December of 2018 Microsoft threw in the towel in the browser war. This development was broken with news about a new browser based off Google Chrome originally called Project Anaheim and now known as Edge. Since then there have been a few minor updates, but overall we didn’t know a lot about the new browser. That was until several weeks ago when an open beta (letting users test a piece of software still under development) was announced on Microsoft’s Edge Insider

In an odd development on the 23rd of March, before the official public beta program, the unfinished browser was leaked onto several popular file sharing sites. The Verge broke the news on March 24th with an exclusive look at the browser saying it shares many features with Chrome, which is right in line with its heritage.

Many of the extensions that are native to Chrome seem to work with this new version of Edge.  The Chromium-based Microsoft browser at this stage in its life seems to be missing many of the features commonly being used by Chrome. Although this may be due to the fact it is an early version. Microsoft does promise more features available “in the coming months.” Verge also reports that it’s very polished and fast and uses less computer resources than Chrome.

Microsoft hasn’t said when the new version of their browser will be available to the public.

We understand the urge to try a new piece of software may be tempting.  However, our suggestion is if you’re interested in beta testing the new browser, please sign up through Microsoft’s Edge Insider website. Or wait for the public release. Please do not download early versions of any programs off 3rd party sites. These are common hiding spots for malware and viruses.

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