Project Anaheim

Posted by Rob Schnetzer on Fri, Dec, 07, 2018 @ 11:12 AM Schedule a FREE IT Network Assessment

Project Anaheim is right around the corner. What is it, and how will it affect Microsoft Edge?

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Project Anaheim

An interesting piece of news we found out about recently is that Microsoft is getting rid of its Edge browser and replacing it with a Chromium-based alternative they are referring to right now as “Project Anaheim.”

Released in 2015, Edge was the successor to Internet Explorer which was the default browser Microsoft included with all of its products including Xbox consoles, Windows phones, and tablets. It was built to be a lightning-fast alternative to browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and Safari. It represented a serious effort on the part of Microsoft to reclaim a big chunk of the browser market. That said, despite a few tactical successes, Microsoft Edge was plagued early on with a couple of key issues in terms of performance usability that prevented a lot of people from converting over to platforms like Chrome. Microsoft has said they are ditching the Edge platform, but its replacement, Project Anaheim, is actually going to be based on the same sort of code that powers Google Chrome. It's interesting just from the standpoint that this may improve usability. For people who are very familiar with Chrome and use that all the time, this may be a bit more familiar of a layout and encourage a few more people to switch over. On top of that, apparently the new browser is supposed to be faster, more secure and lightweight. For those of you who are using Microsoft Edge, know that it is going away soon, and for those of you who are using Google Chrome, Firefox and other browsers, you may have another alternative in the next year. As we hear more details, we will keep you posted.


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