Recovery is the Key: Asigra Disaster Recovery in the Cloud

Tue, Jun, 18, 2013 @ 12:06 PM

Disaster Recovery in the Cloud

Today, much of the IT field’s main focus is on backup and disaster recovery services recovery services. Unfortunately, an often overlooked aspect of disaster recovery is the act of recovery itself. It’s nice to feel secured that your data is there whenever you need it--tucked away safely in the cloud. However, in the event of a disaster, it can often take much longer than anticipated to recover your data, causing uncecessary stress. Sagiss is proud to have our network operations center administrator be awarded an Asigra engineer certification to better manage not only the backup method, but also, the restoration of client data.

Asigra Recovery and Backup

Asigra provides multiple layers of architecture in place, granting more versatility and faster recovery times. Instead of backing up in an image, it backs up files, allowing the user to be selective in data storage. Our Asigra engineer has taken advantage of this process to make backups and restoration work even more efficiently. A typical image based backup can take days to restore. With Asigra’s file level backup, it can take only hours to get your processes up and running again.

Asigra not only provides excellent efficiency in backup and recovery, but also provides HIPPA compliance due to its FIPS (Federal Information Processing Standard) certification. Essentially, your data is encrypted and cannot be viewed without damaging it—keeping it safe from prying eyes. This amount of protection and auditing is not only standard for medical or legal offices, but it is also beneficial to any business that desires a high state of security over confidential information and records.

But what does having a team member with an Asigra engineer certification provide? It allows access to the Asigra Partner Support Portal that provides faster response times for complicated issues. Having a certified engineer on hand who contributes to an in-depth knowledge base has been essential in administrating and maintaining a high level of efficiency in our backup and recovery processes; which in turn allows us to provide an excellent level of customer service and satisfaction whenever the need for any disaster recovery does arrive.

Security of both confidential information and the assurance that your data is safe from loss or being compromised is the ultimate benefit that Sagiss’ partnership with Asigra has to offer. With our administrator possessing an Asigra engineer certification, we have the proficiency as a company to handle the most difficult disaster recovery jobs.  If your data is important to you, how comfortable are you with your current preparations?