Sagiss Employee Spotlight August: Jeff K.

Posted by Rob Schnetzer on Thu, Aug, 01, 2019 @ 10:08 AM

Jeff K is in our Employee Spotlight this month.


As a client of Sagiss, you’ve likely encountered Jeff or seen his various Service Desk holiday schedule and snow day announcements. But as Director of Service Operations, Jeff’s most important behind-the-scenes role has been setting the high standards of service you’ve come to expect in our techs, whether on the phone or in person.

Here’s a little about Jeff.Jeff Headshot

He was born in Cincinnati, Ohio (Go Bengals, Reds and Stingers!). The Stingers were a WHA (World Hockey Association) hockey team that competed against the NHL in the late 70’s. The WHA merged into the NHL in 1979, but not before Jeff merged into St. Louis, Missouri a few years before. Jeff finally came to Texas in 2006. Jeff is the oldest of three kids, which explains his need to organize everything.  He shares his home with his wife Colleen and their two kids, Kayla and Alissa. Jeff reports that he keeps his insurance company financially sound with two teen drivers on his policy.

Jeff’s first exposure to computers was a TI-99/4A his father brought home that played a few games. He didn’t do a deep dive into technology until Microsoft came out with Windows 95 and the advent of America Online. He started his career in the 90s at MasterCard as a service desk technician. During his tenure there, Jeff alone was responsible for defeating the Y2K bug while saving multiple kittens from a tree (this may be somewhat of a fabrication on our part). However, he does remember missing out on some great New Year’s Eve parties in ‘99 while having a very slow night at the service desk. After that experience, he changed his focus to being a manager instead of a technician.

When Jeff moved to Dallas in 2006, he began working for Roger Staubach’s real estate company as the Service Desk Manager. Although his team was  located in Addison, the company offices were spread out from Los Angeles to Miami and each had their own network that needed remote support. This setup was similar to the MSP model that Jeff manages today.

His biggest challenge these days is not working a 50-60-hour work week and training a new generation of IT professionals to tackle challenging problems. He does like reminding the new guys that “he still knows just enough to be dangerous.”

As to Jeff’s hobbies, if you ask us in the Marketing Department we’d probably tell you it’s “taking the fun out of the everything” (which is another fabrication on our part, he only takes the fun out of most things). But when he’s not doing that, he’s watching hockey and action movies. He still jams out on his PS3 with Guitar Hero and Rock Band, and if you’re wondering—yes—he does still have all the instruments.

His biggest time suck is trying to organize his household, children’s college, children’s band and wife’s schedules. But Jeff notes that everyone having their own vehicle now means he has a little extra time for Lead Guitar with Eric Johnson when he plays “Cliffs of Dover” in his living room.

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