Sagiss Employee Spotlight June: Justin M

Posted by Rob Schnetzer on Mon, Jun, 03, 2019 @ 09:06 AM


Justin M is in our Employee Spotlight for this month:

You've probably talked to Justin, or been on site when he's making his rounds, his cheery disposition, welcoming smile and all around great attitude has made him a prized employee quickly in the last six months since he started with us. 

Here's a few interesting facts about Justin:
Justin was born in Zambia in Central-Southern Africa he was there till he was 16. He has 1 sister who is 10 years older. From there he moved to Dagenham, England until 2007 when he relocated to the United States. When he got here he says the heat was the biggest change, Zambia is very humid and Texas is a dry heat. 
Justin always had an interest in expanding his knowledge in the IT field. He loved trouble shooting his gaming platforms and his computers. After taking a few IT classes he found his stride and got his A+ certification. He is also an accomplished photographer.
His favorite game system as a kid was Nintendo 64. his favorite game on that system was GoldenEye (Of course). He loved playing Bond (at least its not OddJob), and his favorite multiplayer mode was "throwing knife mode". He also loved Starfox 64. 
Before he came to Sagiss he enrolled in the National Guard, he works on the Blackhawk and Chinook helicopters and also as a Locator Technician. He still serves presently.
He loves IT because the learning never ends, he strives to learn all he can and master it. Justin is working on his Server Administration certification.  


Topics: Managed IT Services