Sagiss Employee Spotlight: Winston S

Posted by Rob Schnetzer on Thu, Jun, 13, 2019 @ 13:06 PM


Winston S is in our Employee Spotlight:

What do you get when you mix an IT Whiz, Lego fanatic and Foodie? that's our very own Winston S. 

Employee Spotlight

Winston was born in El Paso Texas and is an only child. When he was 8, he moved to Weatherford, Texas. His favorite part of Texas is Austin.

Winston has always been very into computers, bouncing from artistic leanings to the technical side of things. Originally, he started out in Graphic Design. He loved working in Photoshop and with computers, but quickly realized that he wanted to do technical work. He enrolled in UTA in order to pursue a career in computers and software engineering.

He took a semester off and then continued to advance his career at Weatherford College. He changed his major to Information Systems, which felt like a better fit. While at Weatherford College Winston decided to start down the IT certification path and began sending out applications to local IT companies, when Sagiss found him.

Sagiss is Winston’s first IT job, but he reports that he has also done “pretty much everything” from being a waiter to working the oil field industry. He’s particularly fond of his time at a local organic market as an inventory specialist. 

Winston is a foodie at heart and loves going out to eat. His true passion is Legos. He grew up with Legos and now collects them, especially the Batman sets. He has several large sets including the Lego Scuttler (here’s a speed build of the Scuttler on YouTube) which is his favorite. He spends several hours on Legos a week and finds it therapeutic to focus on them when he’s not studying for more IT certifications.

Winston strives to have a portion of his home dedicated to his Lego sets, where he can display them for all to see. At some point he also plans to get back into graphic design and drawing for personal enjoyment. Winston would also like to build a killer gaming computer, so he can check his E-mail like a pro.

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