September Employee Spotlight: Javier C.

Posted by Rob Schnetzer on Mon, Sep, 02, 2019 @ 13:09 PM

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Javier C. is in our Employee Spotlight this month.



Around here you could accuse Javier of being a social butterfly, but if you pay attention to his comings and goings you soon realize not only is he a social butterfly, but his daily workout is putting out fires around the workspace for employees as well as clients. The knowledge he brings to the techs working alongside him is so invaluable he is one of the head instructors at Sagiss.  If you do manage to catch Javier near his desk - which isn’t often- he is usually only stopping by for a quick breather and a snack, on the way to another brainstorming session with one of the many employees he has had an opportunity to guide.

Javier was born in Tlaxcala Mexico, southeast of Mexico City, and lived in the shadow of nearby volcanic mountain ranges. He reflects that at certain times of the year when the volcano starts to perk up, his family who still live in the area gets ashes in their yard.  He moved to Connecticut when he was six years old. His first vivid memory in the states is of him meeting his half-brother.

As far as Javier can remember he wanted to be a tech guy.  When he watched movies that had FBI agents portrayed on screen, he always wanted to be the guy in the back of the panel van using the computers and monitoring the bad guys. A baby of the dot com boom, he remembers that time as a big influence in his life.

Javier began tinkering with websites in the early days of the internet and grew to enjoy building websites for fun on Angelfire Web Hosting Platform and MySpace. Javier was so good with building websites he started a student-run program at his high school to help other students learn HTML and website design. After this, he branched out into web development for a local municipality and a law office in the area.

He went to the University of Connecticut and after college got his first job working for a company rebuilding computers for consumers. He headed up the Mac department for a year before he came to Texas and Sagiss.

Javier has a 10-year-old son he works out with by hiking and playing soccer. Javier has been playing soccer as a goalie for most of his life and traveled all over the U.S. competing at the college level. Today, his favorite outdoor hobby is running and working out in the woods.StarWarsChessSetCover

Along with exercising his body, Javier exercises his mind as an avid chess player and has been playing since he was a kid. He collects chess pieces and has several unique ones, but his all-time favorite is his Star Wars set. He says the most challenging style of play is speed chess, the 3-minute variety.


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