Start Your IT Career at Sagiss!

Posted by Jordan Weber on Fri, Jun, 14, 2019 @ 14:06 PM

Are you seeking an opportunity to start your IT career? Sagiss is an ideal place to begin.

As a junior service desk technician at Sagiss, you’ll quickly gain a breadth of experience supporting a variety of IT networks and environments. You’ll have access to high quality tools maintained to professional standards. More importantly, working at Sagiss means you will work and train alongside the best IT talent that DFW has to offer. This week we’re taking a moment to explore the top 5 reasons to start your IT career at Sagiss!

Are you looking for a place to start your IT career? Visit our careers page to submit your resume. For general questions about our company, visit our contact page, complete the form and we'll respond as soon as we can.

1. Gain Experience Quickly!

The words “IT support” tend to mean different things to various businesses and industries. At Sagiss, it means supporting every technology need our clients may have on any given day. Our team handles everything from simple password resets to complex cloud migrations. We even build PCs, configure servers, and conduct on-site maintenance. In short, working at Sagiss will help you develop a well-rounded IT skillset.

Because we provide managed IT services for many different types of clients, you’ll have ample opportunity to solve a variety of technology-focused challenges. In the process, you’ll inevitably discover more about yourself and where you want your IT career to go. The world of IT is a big place! Sagiss is an excellent spot to sample various types of IT support work and decide where you want to focus the next part of your IT career!

2. Reimbursement & Bonuses for Achieving New Certifications

As you are likely aware, today’s technology is evolving at a blistering pace. This trend is only expected to intensify over the coming years. To keep their skills current, IT professionals will often pursue additional certifications beyond their original technology schooling.

This serves two primary functions. First, continual training and re-certification help ensure IT professionals don’t lose the skills and knowledge they have already acquired. Second, additional training and new skills make that person more marketable. In short, training helps our employees by keeping their skills sharp and raising their earning potential.

Therefore, we provide financial support and incentives to help our employees attain new certifications. Not only will Sagiss reimburse you for the cost of taking a certification test, we’ll also offer you a cash bonus for completing the course! This includes Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE), CompTIA Network +, CISSP and others.

3. A Company That Respects Your Time

All too often we hear horror stories of people who start working in IT, only to find themselves drastically overworked by a management team that doesn’t care and/or doesn’t understand work/life balance. At Sagiss, we take every effort to prevent that from ever happening to our employees.

At Sagiss, we operate by a strict set of core values. Among those values is a principle we refer to as “intensely calm.” This means that we bring our A-game to serve our clients to the highest standards each day, and then we go home and forget about work. We believe that work and personal time should be separate.   

What does this mean for our new employees? It means having a workplace that respects your need for peace and focus. It also means being part of a company that won’t bother you with calls on your personal time. Most importantly, it means being able to enjoy showing up to work and not dreading it each day.

Recommended Reading: It Doesn’t Have to be Crazy at Work, by Jason Fried
and David Heinemeier. We love this book and highly recommend you check
it out. It's a quick read : )

4. Experienced Leadership

Sagiss is run by experienced professionals who have a deep understanding of business and the IT support industry. Founded by two CPAs with a passion for technology, Sagiss has been around for 25 years and continues to grow today. Our steady growth is due in large part to the amount of trust our clients and employees have placed in our leadership team.

As a newly hired service desk technician at Sagiss, you can rest assured knowing that you are part of a business that is stable and growing at a healthy pace. Plus, our leadership team is committed to helping clients take full advantage of the latest innovations in IT.  We’ve always been on the leading edge of implementing new solutions such as secure cloud services, managed cybersecurity and more.  In short, you’ll have the chance to work with emerging technologies and some really cool tools!

5. Collaborative Environment

Anyone who thinks technology problems are always simple and easy to solve has never worked on an IT service desk.  It’s fair to say that there are times when our technicians face very challenging problems. IT systems can be extraordinarily complex, and it’s rare that any one person has all the answers when significant issues arise.

That’s why we foster an environment of collaboration and group problem solving at Sagiss. Each Friday we hold an all-hands meeting to discuss nagging issues and potential solutions as a group. This type of open dialogue strengthens the bond among our employees and helps our junior team members continue to build their IT knowledge. 

Contact us if you have questions, or visit our careers page if you're ready to apply today!

Frankly, the collaborative, empowering and fun company culture at Sagiss is difficult to fully describe without experiencing it. If you have a passion for IT, we hope that you’ll consider joining our team to find out why we believe Sagiss is such a special place to work.


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