Three Things to Know About a VCIO

Posted by Rob Schnetzer on Thu, Mar, 28, 2019 @ 12:03 PM

How can a VCIO help your business?

In a continuation of a previous blog, we speak with Sagiss Senior Account Manager Serge Pieters  about the role of a VCIO: who can benefit from a VCIO, what they do and why they’re important.


Q: What kinds of organizations benefit from a VCIO?

Serge Pieters: The clients come in different flavors if you will, some of them only want to use us as a “break-fix” like you call a copy guy and you fix it and you’re done. Others they want us to be an integral part of their organization and make suggestions. Of course those are the clients we like because we can make those suggestions and be part of their solution, even going forward.


Q: What kind of professionals work best in a VCIO role?

Serge Pieters: Techs that are current account managers, come out of the technical arena, we just don’t hire account managers as some industry standard that says you’re a sales person. Ours are really very technical people. They know what the solutions are and how to suggest or talk about things that are coming down the pipe.


Q: What will be the impact of the VCIO role in the future?

Serge Pieters: I think it’s gotten more important, especially the VCIO role. It’s becoming so specialized the applications are getting so good and so complex that you really have to focus on certain things and you can’t keep up with everything. I think as time goes by it’ll become more important as it is today.

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