Windows 10: The April Update.

Tue, Apr, 02, 2019 @ 14:04 PM

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Windows April 2019 Update


New Features:

A big update for Windows hasn’t been available since October of 2018. The new update for April seems to be refining the system and not so much on new features however there are a few.

Light Theme 

There is a new lighter color mode in Windows, it changes the Start menu taskbar and other items a white color.

Your Phone

You can now mirror your Android phone on  your computer, this includes using your keyboard and mouse while displayed on your desktop, so you can control your phone more easily.

Cortana and Search Split

Cortana and Search have now split up, so you have a choice, you can still use Cortana for your web searches or just a plain old search box.

Snip and Sketch 

Snip and Sketch was added in October 2018, there are a few improvements planned. You can now hit the PrtScr key and it’ll capture app windows or you can continue to use Alt-PrtScr which captures the app currently in focus. You can also add borders to your snips.

RAW Support

As favorite photography format to shoot in, RAW excels because of the lack of compression. Windows has never had the ability to view RAW files till now. Microsoft is making a downloadable app that’ll give you the ability to view RAW images.

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