Windows 10 Updates: Update 2004

Posted by Rob Schnetzer on Fri, Mar, 06, 2020 @ 12:03 PM

What's in Store For You With the Newest Windows 10 Update?

Aside from confusing most of us with the obscure patch names, Windows is doing some great things with their newest update. Here’s a quick peek at some of the more interesting items on the first major update for 2020 and a few tips on how to take advantage of them.

Note: if you’ve been updating Windows regularly, some of these features are already in play.

Security Enhancements

Windows Hello Pin in safe modeWindows Hello

In the past, booting into the limited realm of safe mode wasn’t exactly a great security choice, as it wouldn’t allow your Windows Hello PIN just a password. If you had forgotten that password you now had a second infuriating hassle on top of what you were already trying to fix to begin with. Microsoft has expanded your options now, with the ability to accept your normal PIN at the log-in screen for Windows 10 safe mode. One less thing to remember when troubleshooting your Windows system.

Go Password-less

Sign In options 3

You can now toss the password on your device and switch all your device sign-ins on Microsoft to use Windows Hello Face, Fingerprint or PIN. If you don’t already have Windows Hello setup, it’s an easy fix:-Hit your Windows key

-Type Sign in Options

-And then set up how you’d like to live your log-on life without passwords





Quality of Life Enhancements

Bluetooth Pairing2004Bluetooth Pairing

In an effort to make Bluetooth pairing less cumbersome, Microsoft is eliminating the need to open your settings menu to pair your devices. Now when a device is in pairing mode, you will get a notification of its availability to pair and an option to go ahead and connect it to the device. The notification will show the device name and category when available.

Renaming a Virtual DesktopRename Virtual Desktop

One of the handy features in the last update was the virtual desktop for Windows 10 Pro editions and up. A neat feature in this update gives you the ability to rename those virtual desktops to keep them better organized.





Restarting Apps When Signing-in

When you have to unexpectedly sign out of Windows, restart or shut down for whatever reasons, in most cases you’ll get a prompt to reopen the tasks you were busy working on before you were interrupted. Now you can toggle that feature on or off to give you more control of its ability. By default, this is turned off.

Sign In Options

Here’s how to turn it on:

-Go to Settings and Accounts

-Sign-in options

-Turn Restart Apps On

Notepad Improvements

There are major improvements to the find/replace features in Notepad.  It’ll now remember previous entries and will also remember the options checked within the find/replace dialogue box. It’ll also automatically populate the dialogue box if you have text selected and open the find/replace option. Text zooming is also easier as you can use Control and the Plus key and Control and Minus key to change the level of zoom, or Control and Mouse Wheel to zoom in and out as well. ? Hit the Control and Zero key to restore it back to the default.

Have I Saved This?NotePad1

Notepad will now display an asterisk before the title to indicate you haven’t saved the document yet, or has unsaved changes.

Account Picture

Your account picture will now update across Windows, Microsoft websites and Apps you use regularly.

-To update your account picture:

-Press the Windows key and type “Your Info”Your Info2

-Select Your Account Info

-Use the options under Create Your Picture and select a new picture for your account.


Windows Calculator

Your Calculator now has an Always on Top mode, keeping it above the other windows that are open on your desktop.

Quick Event Create from the Taskbar

You can now create a quick event from the Windows taskbar instead of having to go into your calendar. Just go to your calendar flyout on the lower right-hand side of your Windows and on the bottom of the calendar display and you’ll see an option to add an event.

Notifications driving you nuts?

You can now turn off visual notifications.  The  next time you get a notification, hover over the notification and find the gear icon on the right side. Click on that gear icon and you can select to turn off notifications from that group.

Cortana Update

You can now move the interface window around your desktop for Cortana, making it easier to put it where you need it.

There has been a revamped version of Cortana pushed to people that are on the Beta Program for Windows. It now supports light and dark themes, a less intrusive screen for the verbal “Hey Cortana” prompt, and updated speech and language models with improved performance.


Want to give it a try?

-Go to Settings


-Voice activation, and enable to let Cortana respond to her wake phrase, “Hey Cortana”







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