Worldwide Developers Conference 2019

Posted by Rob Schnetzer on Tue, Jul, 02, 2019 @ 09:07 AM

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Apple’s Keynote at WWDC 2019

Apple had a full docket during their keynote at the Worldwide Developers Conference 2019. After some significant security breaches in the last few months and new privacy complaints from several of the big tech giants, security has taken front and center at recent tech conferences, and Apple was no exception. The company also spotlighted a new Mac Pro machine and its forthcoming new operating system.


Several new security features were showcased with iOS 13 also called Catalina, the new build of Apple’s operating system. The primary one was a new authentication method called “Sign in with Apple.”


Examples of "Sign in with Apple" email addresses

This takes the place of more conventional methods using Google or Facebook login credentials but highlights user security by limiting future breaches and making it easier to stop spam and unwanted notifications. Each time you sign in with different sites, that site is assigned a unique Apple Email address that links back to the user’s primary email address, eliminating tracking a user by their primary email address. It also takes advantage of Face ID already present on Apple phones.

In addition to security features, Apple is trumpeting the new speed of its operating systems, including:

  • 30% faster to unlock with FaceID
  • 50% smaller app downloads
  • 2x faster to launch apps

The other big takeaway for Apple’s operating systems is the new iPad OS, which is iOS 13 with features specifically for the iPad. Aside from the operating system updates, the biggest feature for the iPad OS is the updated browser, which now allows desktop class browsing meaning you’ll always get the desktop version of a website. Also included are new keyboard shortcuts, tab management and a new download manager. The file system also gets updated support for external drives including USB drives and SSD drives.

They’ve also included new text editing features that make scrolling, copying and pasting in long documents much easier. The Apple pencil also got a few new features, including swiping up from the corner of the iPad for a screen shot, and quicker access to the tools you use most. You can also use Sidecar, which lets you use your Mac as a second display to your home iMac or MacBook. Apple has also made USB and Bluetooth mice compatible with the iPad, although it is an accessibility feature and not a mainstream feature.


One of the most compelling announcements of the keynote was the new Mac Pro, a modular computer design that is taking the place of the last “trash can” model.

TrashCanMacPro Apple's Previous Mac Pro

This massive silver box weighs in at forty pounds, has optional casters so you don’t throw your back out if you need to move it, and a host of additional  specs.  MacProGif

The processor base processor is an Intel Xeon W, which is an eight-core 3.2Ghz processor. An upgrade lets you select an 18 core 2.3ghz processor or a 28 core 2.5Ghz processor. It’ll support up to 256GB of DDR4 memory and has an AMD Radeon Pro Vega56 video card, or you can get the Vega64 video card.

The New Mac Pro Desktop

If you’re curious about the additional specifications of this powerhouse, Apple has released them here. This is by far the most modular design that Apple has put out, and the company is quick to note that this isn’t a computer you’re going to find in a home office. This machine is tailored specifically for graphics, video, audio and photography professionals. With a separately priced 32-inch 6k resolution monitor and a computer that costs as much as the new base model Mac Pro, the new Mac Pro is no small investment.

If you’re interested in trying out Apple’s new operating system iOS 13, it is now available as a public beta test. It is is missing several big features, which is typical of a public beta, but it does have enough meat on the bone to showcase the new operating system quite well. However, if you aren’t willing to deal with bugs and crashes you might just want to wait until the Fall when iOS 13 will be out for everyone to enjoy.


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