Yahoo Groups is Going Away

Posted by Rob Schnetzer on Tue, Jan, 07, 2020 @ 11:01 AM

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Yahoo Groups…wait, that’s still a thing?

Launched in 2001 as the result of a merger between Yahoo! Clubs and, Yahoo! Groups was among largest collection of online discussion boards and forums ever put together. At its peak, the platform had over 100 million users, featuring posts in 22 languages. In its nearly two decades of history, it hosted groups from virtually every facet of the internet.

One Yahoo! Groups primary focuses was supporting small businesses, with features ranging from “Review my Site” to discussions on marketing and operations. It dealt with many best practices and advice from business owners that users found invaluable. In some ways, Yahoo! Groups were he Subreddits of the early 2000s.

The decline of Yahoo Groups users can be traced to a lack of interest in the mobile app, as well as the rise of Facebook and Instagram. As user engagement dropped sharply, in October 2019 Yahoo owners Verizon announced that they were shutting down the platform. Posting functionality was turned off as of December 14th, and users have until January 31st to pull their data from the platform before it folds permanently.

Since the announcement, there has been a movement within the existing user base and others to try and archive all content before it is permanently lost. Digital historians have been suggesting sites like these can be added to a sort of “Register of Historic Places” for the internet. Many connected with the archiving attempt say that deleting the site would be a stain on Yahoo’s name and a loss of a massive repository of knowledge. Not that the Yahoo! name is lilly-white to begin with. Between several massive data breaches and a slow, painful slip into irrelevance, Yahoo's reputation arguably doesn't have much left to lose.

Even with all of the deletion backlash, Verizon has only given a 30-day extension to users wanting to pull off data and there hasn’t been much talk from them on archiving Yahoo Groups. As far as anyone knows the deletion is still going to be January 31st. If you do have any content on the site, we urge you to grab it at your soonest convenience. Despite an almost 20-year legacy it seems that after January the forum will go the way of the Dodo bird, hot pants and Google+.

How to pull your data and photos on Yahoo Groups:

For Photos:

-Hover over the image and click the down arrow.


For Files:

-Head to the “Files” section of a group, click on the file and select “Save File”


If you have a large amount of data to save:

-Go to the Privacy Dashboard page after you’ve signed into your account.

-Head to “Download a Summary of Your Data.”

-Select the data you’d like to save and click “Next.”

-Enter your e-mail address and click “Request Download.”

-In the next 30 days you will receive an email from Yahoo with a download link.

One important note: 

Some users have reported issues with missing content when requesting a download. Be sure to give yourself enough time to sort any issues out and don’t wait until the last minute to retrieve your data.

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