The Sagiss Way

At Sagiss, we hold ourselves to high standards. And we believe in making those standards publicly available.

Relentlessly systematic

Relentlessly systematic

Dedication to processes and their continuous development

  • Always look for a better a "better mouse trap".

  • Plan, prioritize, and focus.

  • Mind the details.

  • Fix the problem—don't just put a band-aid on it.

Committed to personal growth

Committed to personal growth

Providing an environment of personal and professional growth. Sagiss is a sum of its collective parts.

  • Give help—create success in others.

  • Empower others—guide and correct.

  • Challenge yourself and others.

  • Accept mistakes as an opportunity to improve.

  • Celebrate success.

Intensely calm

Intensely calm

Bringing our A-game all day, every day—then going home.

  • Be professional.

  • Respect time—both yours and others'.

  • Collaborate freely and concisely.

  • Keep things fun.

Transparent, not sticky

Transparent, not sticky

Serving our clients and acting in their best interests

  • Never assume—ask questions.

  • Set and manage expectations.

  • Follow through on commitment.

  • Take ownership of your work.

  • Don't tell clients something they don't need.