Want to know "Why Sagiss?". Our clients have reasons that might resonate with you. A common theme in their responses is trust. Our clients see Sagiss as a trusted business partner because of the business-first approach that combines reliability and caring with technology, tools, experience, knowledge and a proactive approach.

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With our past IT provider, we didn't know which computer did what or what server housed certain information, so you really were at their mercy. They weren't willing to share those details with us. With Sagiss, I can get into the system and actually see what progress has been made on any given ticket as well as the overall monitoring and updates that have occurred. As far as tracking, I'm very impressed.

Transportation Brokerage

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The biggest thing about Sagiss is: they respond. Most of the work they are able to do remotely, but when they can't, they respond on site quickly… Further, when Sagiss responds, they know what they're doing. To me, that's critical. Your IT provider has to know all about your system, and Sagiss does.

Midsize law firm

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We would need a full-time IT person on staff to do what they do, but that person would be hard to find as the person would need to have a significant background in so many areas. They wouldn't be able to do what Sagiss does, and if they did, I couldn't afford it. What I pay for Sagiss' knowledge and my peace of mind is well worth the cost.

Decorative hardware distribution company

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I feel like they are right here with us. They are so much more connected and interactive with us than I could have ever imagined. For being an outsourced IT company, I don't feel the 'out' in our relationship. They are just a phone call or e-mail away and really just part of our team.

Full-service pharmacy specializing in service to long-term care facilities.

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Sagiss is a good fit for us. They have ideas for ways to improve our systems, and I appreciate their proactiveness in regard to what we can fix and make better. I'm looking forward to seeing more synergies and ways to cut costs, which we haven't been able to do in the past because we haven't had this level of IT expertise.

Director of Outreach and Community Development
Dallas-based non-profit