Municipalities and public organizations can face a host of challenges when it comes to their IT infrastructure. Because they are typically responsible for handling personal data of citizens and delivering essential public services, these organizations require the highest level of IT security and reliability. 

At Sagiss, we work closely with municipalities and other public organizations to minimize risk maintain peak efficiency in and every aspect of your IT infrastructure. In short, we take the headaches and hassles of IT out of your workplace equation.

If your organization is trusted with sensitive financial and personal data of citizens, the pressure to protect that data can be immense. At Sagiss, we build a wall of security to ensure you can keep data safe. Our thorough, 24/7/365 approach includes strategic planning, monitoring, and rapid cyberthreat response. We can also offer employee education to guide your personnel on avoiding common threats such as malware, ransomware, and phishing emails.

In addition to providing cybersecurity solutions, we create comprehensive managed data backup and disaster recovery plans for municipalities and public organizations. We implement cost-effective plans to protect critical files and ensure your organization can stay up and running and continue to serve citizens in the event of an emergency.

On a daily basis, Sagiss assists municipalities and public organizations by helping them focus on their essential tasks. We act as your complete, always available outsourced IT department and local virtual CIO. Learn how we’re doing it for a municipal water district and contact us today to find out how we can assist your organization.


“After a thorough evaluation of our systems, Sagiss came up with very practical suggestions on how to update our IT infrastructure, but also to more fully utilize some of the technology we already had in place.” Much of the initial work by Sagiss involved the consolidation of LCMUA’s hardware.  “From the start, Sagiss has never tried to ‘sell’ us on anything—they’ve always had our best interests in mind,”.

- Kate Boatler, Finance Director of LCMUA