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What Does Sagiss Do?

Most companies today agree that a secure and reliable IT network is essential for business success. The problem is that most small & midsize businesses aren't large enough to need their own fully-staffed internal IT department. That's where Sagiss comes in.

How Do We Add Value to Your Business?

Creating an IT department from scratch is costly, time-consuming, and ultimately unnecessary for many small & midsize businesses today. Instead, these companies turn to Sagiss. For a fraction of that cost, we can support and manage virtually every facet of your IT network. This includes a 24/7 help desk, daily data backup, server support, managed cybersecurity, vCIO guidance, cloud management, and more.

Our team focuses on creating nothing short of a fantastic experience for the end-users we support. Our goal is to provide each of our clients with the most thorough, responsive, and professional technology support they have ever experienced, period.

What Sets Us Apart from Other IT Support Providers?


First Provider in DFW-01

1st Provider in DFW

Sagiss began providing outsourced network administration services 20 years ago, making us one of the first managed IT support providers in Texas



Sagiss clients have full access to our tools and receive regular updates on the work we're performing. Our block-time pricing model also ensures customers only pay for the level of support they need. There is no "wizard behind the curtain". We exist purely to guide and support your business technology needs and decisions. 



Sagiss clients know that when they need support, we are always easy to reach and ready to help. Our service desk is accessible via phone or email, and we run all support operations in-house, right here in North Texas.

Onsite Implementation-01

Onsite Implementation

Our implementation process is among the best and most thorough the industry has to offer. When you join Sagiss as a client, our team invests the time to understand and document every facet of your technology infrastructure, building a strong foundation for future support.


 Complete Documentation

Providing the best technology support, day in and day out, requires extreme organization and efficiency. We have invested countless hours into our record-keeping systems to ensure that our clients have the best possible experience using our services.

Expert Staff-01

Expert Staff

Our senior leaders and staff have decades of combined experience solving a variety of business technology issues.