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Managed IT Service Provider in Dallas, TX

Sagiss stands out as a Managed IT Service Provider in Dallas, offering comprehensive services beyond resolving support tickets. Our team, equipped with decades of technology experience, focuses on identifying and addressing the root causes of IT challenges. This approach ensures the security and efficiency of your systems and data. We specialize in transforming technology into a strategic asset, boosting business efficiency, and driving growth. Our services include Managed Security Services, ensuring robust protection for your technology assets and data.


Managed IT Solutions Provider

Our Managed Security Services, a crucial part of our offerings, encompass many protections. This includes advanced firewall management, reliable data backups, and user training programs. These multi-layered security measures are designed to safeguard your technology assets and data against evolving cyber threats, making us a go-to managed cyber security provider in and around Dallas area​.

Managed IT Support Services

Our extensive experience in Managed IT and Cloud Services allows us to manage existing IT infrastructures and cloud-based systems. Our status as a Microsoft Gold Partner and direct cloud solution provider with Microsoft enables us to offer top-notch support and expertise in Microsoft 365 & Azure. This ensures seamless integration and management of IT and cloud services tailored to the unique needs of each business​​​.

Remote IT Solutions Provider

Serving the entire North Texas region, Sagiss is your local, accessible, Managed IT Solutions Provider. Our local presence means we are always nearby, ready to provide personalized, neighborly service. We combine the capabilities of a larger firm with the personal touch and understanding of local business needs, offering services that include network security & documentation and business continuity planning​​.


Managed IT Services For Small Businesses in Dallas, TX

Sagiss is dedicated to serving many clients, from small businesses to larger organizations. We offer flexible services, ranging from fully managed IT solutions to co-managed services, working alongside internal IT teams. This adaptability allows us to cater to businesses of varying sizes, providing tailored solutions that include data backup and disaster recovery services​​.

      Additional Services:

  • Hybrid Pricing Model: Our pricing strategy is design-site documentation of your network, applications, and processes. This service is charged as a one-tined to provide clarity and cost-effectiveness. We charge a fixed fee for proactive services and bill hourly for reactive services. This transparent pricing model sets us apart in the Dallas IT services market​​.
  • Onboarding Process: New clients undergo a thorough onboarding process. This includes the deployment of Sagiss tools and ome fee equivalent to one month's service.