Remote managed IT services - How do they work?

One question we often get concerns the benefits of remote managed IT vs. on-site support.

What are the differences? When does one make more sense than the other?

This post is a brief overview of the concept of remote managed IT services.

What are remote managed IT services?

The wide availability of high-speed internet and general improvements in technology mean most IT issues can be fixed remotely.

In decades past, businesses needed an on-site technician to drop by and diagnose and fix issues. Now, most of those same issues can be fixed off-site.

Common remote managed IT services include:

  • Installing software patches.

  • Password resets.

  • Any kind of email issue.

  • Other general support requests.

What are the benefits of remote managed IT services?

Speed and efficiency tend to be the great benefits of remote managed IT services.

In most situations, a technician can log in to your computer and diagnose and fix issues behind the scenes. Technicians are guaranteed to have access to the tools and resources they're familiar with, letting them resolve issues faster. This setup also allows you to get back to work faster.

Also, when technicians are in their own office, they have easier access to other technicians who may be able to help with more difficult issues.

When are remote managed IT services not a good option?

95% of our managed IT services can be performed remotely. No matter how much we rely on the cloud and virtualization, there will always be a 5% requires on-site, face-to-face interaction.

Services requiring on-site visits include:

  • Installing network firewalls and other networking equipment.

  • Troubleshooting wireless issues.

  • General hardware maintenance.

The Sagiss Way of remote managed IT services

While we prefer to fix issues remotely, 100% of issues can't be solved remotely. So we send technicians on-site on a regular basis and as needed.

Read "managed IT support services, The Sagiss Way" for more information about our general managed IT services.