Think before you click

People often look to sophisticated tools for security solutions.

While having the latest and greatest tools is great, technology is only part of the equation. Businesses cannot neglect the role that humans play in security. That's why we at Sagiss tirelessly promote end user security training.

And that's also why many security professionals repeat the advice to think before you click.

What is the meaning of "think before you click"?

The advice to "think before you click" means literally what it says: Take the time to think before you take action.

The advice is asking you to have healthy skepticism.

Before you take action, take the time to ask a few simple questions:

  • Is this email legitimate and safe?

  • Do I trust the sender?

  • Do I need to click on this link? Is it necessary?

  • Do I need to download this attachment? Was I expecting an attachment?

Why is there a need to think before you click?

Businesspeople may receive hundreds of email messages a day. Each of those messages represents the opportunity to click on a link or download an attachment containing some type of threatware.

Threat actors are aware of the demands this frequency of message puts on businesspeople. So the threat actors will often impersonate a CEO or some other company execute. And they often try to create a sense of urgency so that people will click without taking the time to think about the possible consequences.