Proactive, Continuous Threat Protection

AV protection-01
Anti-virus protection: 
Stay a step ahead of viruses, spyware and hackers with the latest security software, continuously updated to intercept the newest threats.
Cyber Education-01
Cyber-threat education: 
Client-tailored training and best practices help employees detect phishing attempts and minimize risk on the front lines of your business.

Open DNS Filtering-01
OpenDNS filtering: 
Continuous filtering to help prevent phishing messages and risky content from reaching your end users in the first place.
Easy to reach-01
Easy to reach:
You have 24/7 access to our experts for live phone support as well as our self-service portal where your team can report any security issues or ask questions.
Continuous monitoring-01
Continuous monitoring: 
Get alerts if employees break policy, so that you can respond quickly with investigation and re-education. 
cutting edge tools-01
Cutting edge tools:
Our industry-leading set of remote management tools allows us to monitor and connect to any of your users anytime. 

Security Planning

Employment Policy-01
Employment Policy:
We help you design and implement IT policies for your employees, reducing the risk of dangerous viruses, malware or hackers infiltrating your business through USB drives, email or other access points. 
IT Budget-01
 Allocate adequate funding to purchase and upgrade the software and equipment you need to keep pace with escalating risk from evolving cyber threats.
preventative checks-01
Preventative maintenance checks:
In addition, once a month one of our experts conducts an onsite visit to your location for a physical inspection of hardware and systems and a check-in with your team.