Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

It’s essential to your business to be ready for the unexpected. Your data protection plan will be supported by:

Backup Recommendation
Backup product recommendation:
Based on a thorough analysis of your network, our engineers will develop a data backup solution tailored to your business.
Backup Configuration
System configuration:
We'll configure your backup system in such a way that every important, business-critical piece of data is backed up each day.
Long Term Backup Support
Long-term backup support:
Once the system is in place, we'll maintain and monitor your backups. If any issues are found our service desk is automatically notified so we can correct the issue.

Managed, Monitored, Remediated

Sagiss will manage your entire backup system day in and day out, so you don't have to worry if business-critical data is being backed up consistently.
Our advanced monitoring systems check to ensure backups of servers and workstations are performed daily.
In the event data is lost, our advanced tools and time-tested backup procedures ensure that you are up and running as quickly as possible. 

Local & Offsite Storage

On Prem Backup
On-premises data backup:
The first half of our backup solution keeps a copy of your files locally, allowing for rapid recovery in the event of data loss.
Cloud Data Backup
Cloud data backup:
The second half of our backup strategy keeps another copy of your data securely in the cloud, should your office suffer a flood, fire, or other disaster.
Hybrid Data Backup
Hybrid data backup:
By consistently backing up your data both locally and to the cloud, we ensure a copy of your most recent data is always ready and easily accessible.