Outsourced Technology Support

You have a business to run.

With Sagiss on the job, you can focus on what you do best, letting us manage your information technology (IT) and ensure it’s aligned with your business goals and budget. We’ll take the reins and expertly maintain your IT systems around the clock.
Our comprehensive IT Management program features:

  • 24/7 remote network monitoring: constant oversight to ensure your IT systems are safe, secure and functioning optimally
  • Preventive maintenance: spotting and repairing problems before they disrupt your network to reduce the likelihood of downtime 
  • Dynamic network documentation: mapping and constantly updating your network infrastructure so we—and you—always have a complete and precise picture of your IT assets
  • Monthly, in-person visits to your site: physically inspecting your equipment and meeting with your team
  • Flat-rate services: no hidden costs or surprise fees
  • Conveniently scheduled repairs and maintenance: no interruptions for your team when our team needs to work on upgrades and fixes
Remote Network Management

Remote Network Management

Sagiss actively manages your IT environment to identify problems before they can disrupt your operations. We monitor around the clock for issues such as virus infection, system failures and resource problems.

We are notified the instant an issue is detected and begin to fix it—usually before you even notice there was a problem. Remote access also allows us to schedule routine maintenance or repairs outside of your business hours, minimizing downtime for your team.

24x7 IT Support

24/7/365 Access to Expert IT Staff

Our engineers are available around the clock to provide IT support to your team. You have 24/7 access to our experts for live phone support as well as our self-service portal where your team can find how-to knowledge and interact with us. Our industry-leading set of remote management tools allows us to monitor and connect to any of your users anytime. In addition, once a month one of our experts conducts an onsite visit to your location for a physical inspection of hardware and systems and a check-in with your team.