Moving to the cloud...

Cloud computing provides businesses with an affordable alternative to traditional IT hardware and software, but it can be confusing and time-consuming to navigate the complex and ever-changing landscape of “The Cloud”. We cut through the clutter and advise you on the most efficient and strategic ways to leverage cloud technology for your business.

Mix of Cloud Services
Choose the right mix of the cloud:
We'll ensure your business only leverages the best cloud technologies that will enhance your operations. 
Virtualized Cloud Resources
Virtualize on-premise resources:
Trying to save space? Let's move those bulky servers to the cloud.
Seamless migration
Seamless migration:
Move data to the cloud without missing a beat. We pride ourselves on making cloud migrations hassle-free.

Scaling with the cloud...

post migration review-1
Post-migration review:
We believe in the power of continuous improvement. We'll review the migration process with you to find potential improvements for next time.
Ongoing monitoring & mgmt
Configuration & management:
Cloud platforms are dynamic environments that require supervision to be effective. Let Sagiss keep an eye on that while you focus on running your business.
Cloud cost management
Cost management:
Left unmanaged, some cloud platforms can produce unexpected and runaway costs. We'll help you control costs through proactive planning and continuous monitoring of usage.

Microsoft Azure Experts

Sagiss is fast becoming the go-to Azure team of experts in North Texas.

We've invested significant resources to develop unmatched Azure expertise and serve as a trusted

partner for businesses that can benefit from this unique and powerful cloud solution. 

Use Azure to Grow Your Business!