4 Little-Known Reasons to Pick Local IT Support

Fri, Jun, 10, 2016 @ 13:06 PM

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The Value of Local IT Support

There are many factors that go into choosing the right IT support company for your business. From offering preventable and proactive support options, to the ability to supplement an existing IT staff, to the know-how to customize data backup and disaster recovery plans, a quality managed IT service provider has to have it all.

However, another factor that often goes overlooked is whether or not an MSP is capable of providing your business with the type of personalized local IT support that is simply unattainable with larger corporations.

Although many IT issues now-a-days can be solved remotely, the beauty of a local IT support company is that they don't have to be. With a local MSP, you get a dedicated team of IT experts who know your market and can physically visit your facility to work collaboratively with you in person--an invaluable asset for any business.


4 Reaons to Pick Local IT Support Services


1. A Dedicated Local Account Manager:

The responsibilities of an account manager include answering questions regarding services or prices, scheduling face-to-face meetings with clients and, most importantly, developing lasting, successful partnerships. By enabling account managers to physically visit clients and work together with them to develop customized IT strategies, a local IT support company facilitates exemplary partnerships in a way that no other MSP can.

2. Quicker Response Times and Emergency Support:

Although technology has enabled us to solve many IT issues remotely, there are still some problems that demand a real person step in. A local IT support provider has the ability to respond quickly and in real-time to an emergency such as a critical hardware failure.

Furthermore, without geographic hurdles to jump over, a local MSP can even send technicians to respond to non-urgent issues that need expert attention. The best you can hope for from a far-off provider would be a screen share—which is doable if your hardware is working, but impossible if it is not.

3. Knowledge of the Local Business Climate:

A local IT provider understands how businesses in your area operate and what types of challenges they face. This unique perspective enables an MSP to offer comprehensive services, taking into account the local business climate in addition to company needs when crafting an IT success plan.

Bonus? You don't have to go far when searching for a reliable recommendation as any good MSP (especially one that has operated in the same area for over 22 years like ourselves) would have worked with many other businesses owners in your area.

4. Budget Friendly:

Choosing a support provider that is further away from your geographic location may appear like the cost-effective option at first. However, when you take into consideration the additional costs of travel (the clock starts for onsite service as soon as a technician leaves the office), downtime spent waiting for help to arrive, and dealing with an IT support company that doesn’t understand your market, the allure of an hours-away support company quickly disappears.

What advantages do you think businesses recieve from choosing local? Share in the comments below.


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