What is Network Documentation?

Posted by Rob Schnetzer on Thu, Feb, 07, 2019 @ 14:02 PM

Network documentation is one of IT's most valuable tool.

A tool that we use to keep changes the same to monitor changes to prevent incorrect changes to come back from disaster recovery. If it's good it will make any kind of reactive call much easier.

Network Doc

 Below is a transcript of the video portion of the blog

Javier Caporal, IT Service Desk Manager

That is one of the very first things we do when we on-board a client is make sure we go through every single documentation they have. Every single thing manually, we put in the leg work and go through it. When it comes to on-boarding and documenting on there on your hands and knees finding the stuff and tracking the cables, your making sure that its checked once one hundred percent, documented. Then after that we find other ways to discover and changes.

Discovery also includes talking to whoever was there,understanding what their procedures are, when they hire a new employee, what the new employee needs. We go ahead and document it. We put our own procedures in it that we know are needed to maintain good managed security services, IT procedures and critical data procedures. It requires interactions with the small business owners, understanding what their pain points are what issues has happened in the past. It all goes toward documentation. That is part of the on boarding process, both the discovery of the network devices but also discovery of the procedures, and the business and what they do.

Every Tech has their own skill sets. There is a "Sagiss Way", there is an "IT Way" to do things and you document it and you follow procedures and everything else it just works.

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