Small Business Tech: Three Reasons You Need Proactive Tech Support

Posted by Jordan Weber on Tue, Jan, 16, 2018 @ 12:01 PM


IT folks tend to wear a lot of hats. Between monitoring servers, workstations, switches, routers and WAPs and creating data backups, updating old software or simply recovering a lost password, there is often no shortage of fires for the IT helpdesk to extinguish on a daily basis.

But be warned: If your small business’s IT resources are solely devoted to putting out day-to-day fires, your future technology needs will remain woefully underserved. Without a proactive focus on IT, you may soon find technology costs spiraling out of control, along with rising rates of downtime and office disruption.

What’s the best way to stop those time-consuming IT fires, before they can start? Place equal value on proactive and reactive IT support.


1. Pre-emptive network maintenance = less downtime and less disruption

IT networks are not unlike your everyday automobile. When a car’s engine oil is regularly changed and its tires kept properly inflated, the vehicle is often less prone to mechanical frustrated.png

From a reliability standpoint, an IT network functions much the same way. Instead of waiting for problems to surface, the smartest businesses keep their IT networks healthy with thorough, regular examinations. Planned downtime for routine maintenance is much less expensive than unplanned downtime due to an unforeseen error.



2. Reduce costs by anticipating usage levels

Does your business take advantage of cloud computing resources? If not now, one day it probably will. But remember: Cloud infrastructure is billed “by the drink.” The more cloud-based computing power you use each month, the more you will pay.Electric meter.png

While we at Sagiss love the cloud, its associated costs can quickly spiral out of control when left unchecked. Your IT support provider ought to evaluate your cloud usage on a proactive basis to ensure that your business isn’t paying for IT resources it doesn’t need.



3. Proactive projects help future-proof your business’s IT infrastructure

Think back to when your business first started. When you first wrought together a business plan and a handful of customers, what sort of technology did you use to launch your business? For most entrepreneurs, it was whatever they could get their hands on that would do the job. However, as businesses grow, their IT needs quickly become considerably more complex.datacenter tech.png

Which technologies will carry your business forward into the future? How will you invest your IT budget to keep your technology relevant, useful and secure? The best way to answer these questions is to partner with a tech support company that can help you craft a long-term strategy. At Sagiss, we call it a Network Roadmap. It’s how we ensure that your network supports the growth and prosperity of your business over the long term.



Questions about what proactive IT support could mean for your business? Give us a call at 214.276.5969, and we’ll schedule a complimentary assessment of your IT network. We’ll help you determine if your network infrastructure is being properly utilized, and any technical information we collect in the process is yours to keep, free of charge.



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