Cybersecurity Basics for Small to Medium Sized Businesses

Posted by Jordan Weber on Wed, Nov, 08, 2017 @ 11:11 AM


A solid cybersecurity plan is fast becoming an essential component at every business. As malware attacks become increasingly sophisticated and increasingly indiscriminate about whom they target, small businesses cannot simply assume they will fly under the radar of malicious hackers. In the information age, the protection of one's data is essential for the survival and prosperity of any business.

Here to share his thoughts on cybersecurity basics for small to medium sized businesses is one of our Senior Network Administrators, Ian Pryseski. With Sagiss since 2011, lately Ian has focused his efforts on developing holistic cybersecurity solutions for our clients. This involves securing business networks using a multi-layered approach. Check out the video below to learn why a simple anti-virus system is no longer sufficient to secure your business data, and what steps might be neccesary to beef up the security of your network. 


Question or comments? Would you like to learn how these systems keep our clients running at top speed? Comment below and share your thoughts! We'd love to hear about your experiences. 

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Topics: Ransomware, Data Backup and Disaster Recovery, Cybersecurity