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Need Top IT Talent? Look No Further Than Sagiss

Need Top IT Talent? Look No Further Than Sagiss

With all the layoffs in the tech sector making news these days, you’d think there might be readily-available talents to fill all the open IT jobs. However, that’s simply not the case. Technology is so embedded in nearly every industry now that, layoffs notwithstanding, the demand exceeds the supply of qualified candidates. In the latest job openings report by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are still 147,000 job openings in information services. Unemployment rates in the growing tech sector remain well under three percent.

Finding, recruiting, and retaining high-quality tech workers remains a significant challenge. With the rapid expansion of AI and data analytics, it’s not going to get any easier. Overall employment in the computer and IT sector is projected to grow by 15% for most of the next decade, nearly three times the average of all other occupations.

Even if you can find qualified talent, there’s a high price tag. Median salaries for IT professionals now exceed $100,000 annually and have continued to grow each quarter over the past year.

This is just one of the reasons so many companies turn to Sagiss for managed IT, managed security, and managed cloud services. Sagiss has been providing support to North Texas businesses since 1997 with a team of professionals and category experts to fill the gaps in IT and keep organizations running smoothly and effectively.


What Does Sagiss Look for in When Hiring IT Professionals?

All that means is that we must be patient to find candidates that meet our high standards — and yours. However, we have a distinct advantage in hiring. Because IT services are the core of our business, we attract top-quality candidates. With our client roster, we can provide them with high-level and challenging work and offer long-term stability and growth. This in turn allows us to retain specialists that can handle any need organizations have.

We also hire differently and more selectively than other companies, so when you work with Sagiss, you get experienced IT professionals with deep expertise.


Operational excellence

We look for people that have a service mindset and take pride in producing operational excellence with a proactive focus. Our goal is to prevent problems from occurring rather than just reacting to situations as they arise.

We use independent agencies to audit, verify, and certify our services. This requires us to hire highly-skilled technicians and provide continuous training to stay on top of emerging technologies, efficiencies, and cyber threats.


Business acumen

We look for people that understand business, not just technology. We like to think of ourselves as business people who do IT — not IT people figuring out business. This makes a significant difference in the way jobs are approached. Every decision needs to align with core business strategies to build sustainable growth.


Core values

We take our core values seriously and so should you. When looking for candidates, it’s important to find employees that embrace what you stand for and fit with your values. We believe four key pillars are a big part of the reason so many companies choose Sagiss as their managed IT services, security, and cloud partners.

  1. Transparent, not sticky

We always work in the best interests of our clients. We ask a lot of questions, set and manage expectations, and follow through on our commitments. We work together as partners and take ownership of your work, and we’ll never try to sell you something you don’t need.

  1. Committed to personal growth

We provide an environment that values personal and professional growth. We celebrate successes, acknowledge mistakes and look for opportunities to improve, and empower others by working together and creating success in others.

  1. Intensely calm

When systems are down or problems occur, it can be incredibly frustrating and stressful. We hire people who are calm amid the storm. Our team always acts professionally and never panics. We respect your need to get back up and running quickly and dedicate ourselves to making it happen in a measured, controlled, yet urgent manner.

  1. Relentlessly systematic

We believe strongly in process. A systematic approach helps identify problems before they arise and effectively manage them when they do. We create systems that work by carefully planning, prioritizing, and focusing efforts and paying close attention to the details. We look for team members that are always looking for better solutions and fix problems rather than just putting a bandage on them.


Finding Best-Fit Employees

While your core values may differ from ours, we believe that any company should prioritize finding employees that align with their values. Best-fit employees that “live the culture” tend to outperform and outlast all other hires.

Sometimes, this means we have to provide more extensive training to develop their skill set. While every hire needs to have the skills for the job, we believe it’s easier to learn skills than it is to learn other key attributes. You can teach someone skills, but you can’t easily teach drive, commitment, work ethic, and character. We find that when employees buy into our culture and demonstrate a service mindset, they simply provide better service and tend to stay in jobs longer.

The primary reason people leave jobs is a poor fit with the work culture, according to a study by the MIT School of Business. Even the best workers may not stick around if they can’t easily fit with a company’s values and work environment.

In today’s competitive job market, it’s often tempting to hire anyone that has the skills to do the job. However, if they aren’t a fit for your culture, they aren’t likely to perform at the level you need or stay with your organization to allow you to get the benefit of their skills long term.

Our team and our values drive our success. If you need help filling gaps in your IT teams, are looking to augment your current skillsets, or need managed IT services, consider Sagiss. Contact us at 214.276.5976 or get in touch with us online.

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